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February 19, 2019
Gaspar Noe - thriller crime
hard to find
½ September 14, 2018
Este corto perturbante y excéntrico del director Gaspar noe, logra ser un gran clasico que define su estetica agresiva,Su contenido grueso puede ser un gran problema para el publico pero en lo personal logra ser eficaz y impactante, es una ejecución positiva para un guion tan difícil de representar, este al igual que todas las propuestas de Noe es una experiencia distinta que te dara mucho de que pensar.
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½ November 24, 2016
Carne is a visceral and shocking arthouse short story, a solid forty-minute prelude to Noé's fantastic full-length film I Stand Alone, superbly edited and crafted like no other director would.
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April 13, 2016
The story of a mad butcher who stabs a man whom he thought had raped his mute daughter. It was shot with the distinct style from director Noe that uses rapid freeze frames and jump cuts to narrate the story. It is a disturbing yet very artistic arthouse short
June 9, 2015
Gaspar Noe prime naturalist shocker about fatherhood. What has been seen cannot be unseen.
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September 15, 2014
Noe's entry into the face of cinema is more of an exercise in style to work in his aggressive delivery of his ideas rather than a purely experimental film, like it has been labeled to. Maybe those segments which make the film seem "incoherent" or "experimental" as a whole refer mainly to the cinematic influences, like the opening sequence nodding at Franju's Blood of the Beasts (1949) and Blood Feast (1963) by Gordon Lewis. Despite its style over substance, the style correlates with the film's bleak and pessimistic statements about the selfishness of the world, with certain technical stunts possibly suggesting that the film is actually a mockery at certain segments of modern society, and a dark comedy.

Thoroughly enjoyable, Noé clearly never cared about the critics. I applaud that.

So now it is obvious what I am about to hit 'Play' to...

June 4, 2013
Nach Beendigung von Noé's großer Trilogie" über das Leben eines Pferdefleischers und einer Geschichte die eigentlich gar nichts mit jenem zu tun hat, bin ich auf jeden Fall um einiges schlauer was das Werk dieses guten Herren betrifft.

Tatsächlich hab ich die Trilogie" sogar in umgekehrter Reihenfolge gesehen. Zuerst Irrevérsible", dann Seul Contre Tous" und schließlich zuletzt Carne".
Carne" ist ein Kurzfilm, was nicht heißen soll, dass er kurz an stilistischen Eigenheiten und ziemlich verstörenden Bildern ist. Seine Machart nähert sich jener von low-budget B-Horror-Movies der 80er Jahre an, setzt sich aber sogleich wieder durch seinen fast schon experimentellen Schnitt und Kameraperspektive ab.

Mein Lob gilt aber nicht nur Noé, der hier schon in jungen Jahren für beeindruckende und bedrückende Bilder verantwortlich zeichnet, sondern v.a. Philippe Nahon, der beweist, dass er einer der dreckigsten Bastarde der jüngeren Filmgeschichte ganz vorzüglich darstellen kann.

Shocking ist ein Understatement, und nichtsdestotrotz fühle ich gleichzeitig Mitleid und Abscheu vor diesem namenlosen Pferdefleischer. Ich lerne nicht nur über die Menschheit und ein französisches Milieu, eher minderen Interesses, sondern auch, oder besser, vor allem, über Noés Entwicklung als Filmemacher. Und an diesem Punkt beginnt der Film Spaß zu machen: Man erkennt Schauplätze und Techniken aus Seul Contre Tous" wieder, ist ähnlich angeekelt wie von einigen der recht expliziten Filmen in seinen späteren Filmen und räsoniert über die Produktionsbedingungen dieses fehlerbehafteten Films.

Die Triebfeder für alles was Noé später gemacht hat, ein interessanter Film, und ich wage zu behaupten auch ein guter. In knackigen vierzig Minuten bekommt man präsentiert, was man als Noé-Fan wohl auch so erwartet, für alle anderen, ist es aber wahrscheinlich nicht notwendig dieses Frühwerk des Argentiniers zu erforschen.
½ November 13, 2012
This is exactly the sort of film that comes to mind when I think "French art house." It's not really engrossing, but certainly is interesting.
½ November 3, 2012
"The world is egoistic. For a 9 sec orgasm, a child has to sweat for 60 years"
September 8, 2012
Es como Seul Contre Tous en mediometraje.
May 23, 2012
"Il y a bien deux choses que je ne pourrai pas lui refuser..."
August 27, 2011
Gaspar Noe's relatively tame, yet still exceedingly dark, tale of the standstill of modern life and how the mere idea of revenge leads to some pretty stupid things (kind of a common theme in his films) is not as masterfully manipulative as his one-two punch "Irreversible" and "Enter the Void," but it does take many quirky things and pretty much turns them against the viewer's happiness.

A horse butcher (complete with footage of him killing a horse) raises a seemingly autistic daughter by himself because his ex-wife wanted a girl. As he raises her, they seem to take in a lot of the media around them, from sermons extolling independence to extremely violent luchador action flicks - and, according to some viewers of the short film's sequel, "I Stand Alone," it appears as if he's raising his daughter in the same way as the parents in "Dogtooth" raised their kids. However, you know that the Butcher loves his daughter to death, so much so that when she walks in his shop with a period stain, he stabs a random guy to death just because he thinks the dude raped her. Ol' butcher gets arrested, flirts with homosexuality in jail, and gets out only to find out that his daughter's been taken to a mental institution, his shop's been sold to a halal butcher, and that a (in his opinion) ugly waitress at a coffee shop has the hots for him. And how he tries to get his old life back. However, he's stuck in a pretty miserable life, forced to have sex with his new employer for room and board, unable to see his daughter for untold reasons (implied rape), and haunted by his stupid decisions to the point where he can't help but to become an animal. Just like the animals he butchers, he is fresh meat for the world.

Yeah, you can definitely see that Noe was still tweaking out his style to perfection (the film's pacing is not as good as it could be; it doesn't necessarily immerse you into this dark, unrelenting world that Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Woody Allen don't necessarily want to film), but a lot of his elements were in place: quirky camerawork (almost like it's been influenced by music videos, comedies, and stop-motion animation), background audio that forces the viewer to become sick at the whole thing (just like "Irreversible"), a color scheme completely dominated by reds and browns, and the underlying idea that the world is not that happy place that your parents told you it was when you were just a little filly. The film, however, is Noe's most verbal, as a lot of his later stuff tends to play around with non-verbal scenes where action is extremely prevalent (like in..."Irreversible"...yeah, figure that one out for yourself). The butcher, while serving as a really mad narrator that's just pissed off at how life's pretty much handed him the short straw, talks to some of the characters.

Overall, I say if you like short films, watch this. You might like how discordant the entire thing is or you might uncontrollably vomit at the horse butchering scene that opens the film, but overall, it's a film that, while not the "experimental" wonder that Rovi said it was, pretty much set Gaspar Noe on the right track to bigger, better, and more effective things. Just don't show this to bronies.
July 11, 2011
Hard to watch, but not for disturbing sense. For me, it's the incoherent story telling. Guess an experimental film is suppose to be like this. Not my preference in a message of heated violence can change one's life for the worst.
April 17, 2011
Where can one see this short film?
February 6, 2011
Brilliant cinematography. I love how Noe chose such an undelicate profession for the protagonist.
October 25, 2010
A 40 minutes non vocal preview to Gasper Noe much more vocal and challenging movie"'I Stand Alone". This movie certainty challenge your morality and perspective for life.
The movie is too graphic and some may find it grotesque in parts. This is because of the point that this movie require truly non judgmental approach for it's treatment to be understood.
A real treat for cinema lovers and headache for others.
August 5, 2010
Good pre-quel to I stand Alone. Cool man "The Butcher"!
July 14, 2010
Tan solo basta con mirarla una vez.
February 28, 2010
Un pur Gaspar Noé. Coincé n'importe où entre l'enfer et la folie. Un très puissant rappel que cette vie est insensée, et que de se forcer à y donner un sens rationnel c'est abandonner petit à petit sa rectitude.

En deux mots: esthétique et fou. � voir, absolument. 4.
August 29, 2009
I like this Noe short more than the sequel as its images are violent (I Stand Alone just has "shocking" monologue) and the disturbing factor achieved is attempted through not just one level. I Stand Alone has the French guy (Whom I admire way more than Travis Bickle) walking around and then Noe says, "I'm going to shock you" but then nothing really happens. Here with Carne things basically come out of nowhere and punch you in the crotch, gut and face: animal slayings, deliverance, incest, etc. Noe caught on to this which is why Irreversible came out to be such a disturbing success - it attacks viewers on literally more than three levels. Anyway, watch this if you're curious as to how Philippe Nahon's character was established. It includes the exact same stylization as in I Stand Alone but it's a subtle character study as opposed to an up-close talky one.
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