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November 14, 2013
Carnival of Blood is an anomaly. It is really bad but is a good example of drive-in B movie cheese. Burt Young plays a dim witted hunchback that helps run a balloon popping stand. A maniac kills people and that is really it. I'm a fan of carnivals and there are some cool shots of inside the fun house and the area of the carnival itself. It looks like the production didn't let a lot of attendees of Coney Island know that they were making a movie because a lot of people look into the camera. The obnoxious old lady with the camera was strange. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone but would bring it over to watch with friends.
July 23, 2013
I like the ambulance guy who said " she was a good looking chick" saying to the girl who got killed on the ride. my dad was in the movie when he was sixteen.
May 17, 2012
Carnival of Blood has exactly two things going for it: some nice location footage of New York's Coney Island Amusement Park circa 1970 and an early performance by Burt Young. Besides those two factors, this movie is easily forgettable.

Someone who has seriously twisted issues with women is murdering female patrons at New York's Coney Island. Could it be the fortune teller, who ominously stops her card readings and tells her customers to leave immediately? How about the proprietor of the dart game who has an odd obsession with stuffed teddy bears? What about his mentally retarded assistant who gets into verbal shouting matches with patrons? You won't care by the time the big reveal comes, which you'll be able to predict early on in Carnival of Blood.

Acting-wise, Carnival of Blood is the pits. The actor who plays the drunken, sailor boyfriend of the prostitute-looking woman is easily the worst attempt at playing a drunk (The supposed drunk in the even worse Criminally Insane comes very close to this dubious honor, though). I couldn't tell whether he was supposed to be drunk or mentally handicapped. The rest of the acting ranges from John Waters-esque camp (Gloria Spivak as the annoying fat woman and Earl Edgerton as the dart booth owner) to the uninspired (Martin Barolsky as the DA).

Keep in mind that when I say "John Waters-esque camp," I am in no way saying that any of these supposed actors are good enough to be compared with Waters's unforgettable Dreamlanders. If anything, Carnival of Blood's cast is an inferior version of Divine, Edith Massey, David Lochary, and the gang

The gore SFX are among the most laughable in movie history. One slightly disturbing scene of the DA discovering a teddy bear with human entrails inside its stomach almost manages to create genuine suspense. Otherwise, this is strictly red paint and meat market spare parts territory. One of the many lowlights is a bizarre credits sequence with a human head (which is clearly a department store mannequin head) being split open. There's nothing effective or well-executed here.

If there's one department on which Carnival of Blood fails miserably, it's the technical department. Boom mics appear so frequently in the bottom of the screen that they should have been credited in the cast. Abrupt jump cuts and post-production dubbing are also quite frequent. This lack of care becomes more evident when you find out that the director, Leonard Kirtman, made his name in directing hardcore porn flicks. What is it with soft-core/hard-core porn directors transitioning to horror films anyway?

Carnival of Blood is the kind of movie that was reserved for the very end of dusk-to-dawn drive-in shows back in the 1970s, when most of the audience were either asleep or had already left. It's not quite the worst movie ever made, but I can hardly recommend it to anyone unless you want to see vintage Coney Island footage, a pre-fame Burt Young, or are just having a hard time sleeping.
March 26, 2010
Great late nite movie. Acting could have been better
½ September 16, 2009
Pretty bad, but does make for great nostalgia. A cult classic
January 27, 2009
Way too freaky for me
Super Reviewer
½ February 21, 2008
It's a bad flick, but it's got spunk, and watching it late at night the cheap way and extremely odd way it was done really fucking gave me the creeps. One of the first films in a while that got under my skin so much that I had to watch of a bit of Conan before bed. How lame do I feel.
½ October 3, 2007
The very best worst horror film of all time bar none. I've seen more turkeys than Bernard Mathews and this one clucks louder than any. Look out for:
Burt Young (Sly Stallone's brother-in-law in the Rocky films) appearing here in his first screen role (spelled "roll" on the poster. He plays 'Gimpy'. You canā??t miss him);
The 'Drunken Sailor' (can YOU figure out if he is acting or not? I suspect he is a literally drunken sailor who has been press ganged into appearing);
The bicycle tyre inner tube 'entrails' (pulled from the victim under the pier - surely your intestines should be attached to something, shouldn't they?);
the music (oh god, the music)...
Yes. A 'must see movie'. So funny you will soil yourself, guaranteed. Although sadly that line does not appear on the packaging.

Yes. A 'must see movie' so sadly under rated.
August 10, 2007
Burt Young did the only decent job acting in this film, part of the reason you should see it.
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