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October 7, 2019
A cloying Manhattan rom-com that never rises to "hateful," but never rises above mediocre, either.
August 16, 2019
[A] humorous journey.
November 1, 2018
Although there is a formulaic quality to the film's structure, smart casting and an impressive restraint shine through, allowing the bittersweetness of Carrie's ever-frustrating quest to let her emotional maturity catch up with her mental prowess.
June 8, 2017
Watching Carrie Pilby try to navigate her life is often cringeworthy for me in particular, but that desire to cringe and cover my face with embarrassment attests to the strength of the character and of Powley's performance.
May 12, 2017
Carrie needs a better movie, but Powley finds just enough authenticity amid the minefield of narrative contrivances to make the film worthwhile.
April 5, 2017
Powley is a good actress, but she plays a protagonist whose motivations flip-flop too conveniently, such that by the end, it is hard not to feel cheated.
Top Critic
April 5, 2017
What is the target audience for this particular brand of cotton candy? Teenage girls dreaming of first love while sipping cherry pop?
April 4, 2017
And while Carrie's comic misadventures in trying to have some fun aren't as comical as they could be, we don't mind tagging along as the smartest girl in town learns something new.
April 3, 2017
A core of substance and a fine cast are squandered in the relentless hard-sell perkiness of this mild comic drama.
March 31, 2017
A fairly familiar romantic dramedy distinguishes itself because its awkward, immature nerd is a young woman, poignantly portrayed by the wonderful Bel Powley.
March 31, 2017
A golden example of what can go wrong when a coming-of-age story shares the same insecurities as its lead character.
March 31, 2017
As the title character, Bel Powley is so enormously compelling that she breathes life into Carrie's quirks and the story's contrivances.
March 30, 2017
Ms. Powley is a miracle worker.
March 30, 2017
Teen genius learns to live life in so-so book-based dramedy.
March 30, 2017
Overall, it's a fairly sweet and enjoyable film.
March 29, 2017
In her directorial debut, Susan Johnson balances the character's haughty brilliance and aimless privilege with an underlying vulnerability.
March 29, 2017
The film is essentially an exercise in forcing a female genius back into her proper place of dependence on both the father figure and the Prince Charming.
March 27, 2017
Trite and cutesy coming-of-age tale about a super-intelligent young woman who learns a life lesson through taking chances. Purgatory.
October 14, 2016
Carrie Pilby is as synthetically directed as it is written, and the performers struggle.
September 19, 2016
A well-intentioned but imperfect young-adult-skewing comedy-drama.
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