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[b][i]Psycho[/i][/b] Starring: Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, John Gavin, Martin Balsam, and Janet Leigh as Marion Crane. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Written by Joseph Stefano. Rated [b]R[/b] (for violence and some nudity). Running time approximately 1 hour 49 minutes. [center][img][/img][/center] [center][i]Yeah...pretty much horrifying.[/i][/center] Since everyone who's seen or even heard about Alred Hitchcock's [i]Psycho [/i]has said all that needs ot be said, so I really don't feel the need to praise it in any way, as it's already been praised. What I will do, however, is defend Gus Van Sant's brave shot-by-shot remake. Whether or not it was "necessary," per se, it was still damn good. What was different about the film was the direction the actors took with the characters. It may be Vince Vaughn's best dramatic performance. Anyway, while the original version gets full points for originality of vision, Van Sant's remake might just have to get a 9/10, now that I think about it. Poop on the lot of you haters. [b]**** (out of ****) A[/b] [b][i]Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer[/i][/b] Starring: Michael Rooker, Tracy Arnold, and Tom Towles. Directed by John McNaughton. Written by Richard Fire and John McNaughton. No MPAA rating (contains graphic brutal violence including rape, pervasive language and some drug content). Running time approximately 1 hour 23 minutes. [center][img][/img][/center] [center][i]Towles actually worse than Rooker in disturbing character study.[/i][/center] John McNaughton, whose only other credit which I've viewed was the dreadful [i]Wild Things[/i], created a truly disturbing and profoundly penetrating glimpse into the mind of a madman with [i]Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer[/i]. The film's unflinching brutality and general apathy are at first quite grating, but soon we find ourselves completely captivated by these repugnant people and their despicable acts. This is not violence as entertainment as the [i]Saw[/i] and [i]Hostel[/i] films are. This is violence as true horror. It's as great a film as it is horrid to sit through. [b]***1/2 (out of ****) A-[/b] [b][i]Chasing Sleep[/i][/b] Starring: Jeff Daniels, Emily Bergl, Gil Bellows, Zach Grenier, Julian McMahon, and Ben Shenkman. Written and Directed by Michael Walker. Rated [b]R[/b] (for language, violence, some sexuality and drug content). Running time approximately 1 hour 44 minutes. [center][img][/img][/center] [center][i]Jeff Daniels brilliant in Polanski-esque chiller.[/i][/center] I heard about [i]Chasing Sleep[/i] in my very first issue of [i]Fangoria[/i]. I remember being just stunned with seeing that Jeff Daniels was in it, seeing as I'd only seen him in [i]Dumb and Dumber[/i] and [i]Speed[/i] up until then. Well, the man's got some acting chops, and [i]Chasing Sleep[/i], while not perfect, will make Polanski fans swoon. Writer-director Michael Walker has created a strange world of insomnia, visions and murder reminiscent of [i]Repulsion[/i]. See it. It's probably hard to find, but see it. [b]***1/2 (out of ****) B+[/b] [b][i]Nomads[/i][/b] Starring: Lesley-Anne Down and Pierce Brosnan. Written and Directed by John McTiernan. Rated [b]R[/b] (for violence, nudity and language). Running time approximately 1 hour 31 minutes. [center][img][/img][/center] [center][i]McTiernan thankfully improved.[/i][/center] John McTiernan, the man behind the first and third [i]Die Hard[/i] films, directed this mess of a film just two years prior to hitting it big with the Bruce Willis-fueled blockbuster. [i]Nomads[/i] is as strange as it is lame without the smarts or the willingness to back up its nonsense. While some filmmakers are able to justify nonsensical happenings (Hitchcock, Shyamalan), McTiernan cannot, nor does he even seem to try. I don't remember quite a chunk of this, and I certainly don't know what was happening. [b]*1/2 (out of ****) D+[/b] [b][i]The Carrier[/i][/b] Starring: Gregory Fortesque, Stevie Lee, Steve Dixon, and Paul Urbanski. Written and Directed by Nathan J. White. Rated [b]R[/b] (for bizarre graphic violence and gore, sexuality and language). Running time approximately 1 hour 39 minutes. [center][b]NO PHOTO AVAILABLE[/b][/center] [center][i]Suck.[/i][/center] I'm not gonna lie, the idea itself just rocks: a man is afflicted with a disease of some sort that turns inanimate objects into corrosive material. So, in this dreadful piece of filmmaking, we see lots of meltings of human beings, none of which have any bearing on what's actually happening. There's some nonsense love story crap, and the main character ends up, I think, melting the girl he loves and yada, yada, yada, the end came, and sucked. [b]Zero Stars (out of ****) F[/b]

Christopher Lozier
Christopher Lozier

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