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February 9, 2014
Sammo Hung direct this movie and also win Best Actor for this role. Good blend of action and comedy in the story. Sammo Hung and Frankie Chan are pickpocket partners. Their teacher Lau Hark-Sun and his daughter Didi Pang are all in the team. Lau buy a rolex for his "birthday". Sammo saw Deannie Yip in the pub and likes her but no guts to talk. She invite him to a slow dance. A gang criticize Sammo and Frankie fight them but lose. Sammo got phone number of Deannie and revenge for Frankie. Richard Ng is a cop. During an undercover ops, he saw the pickpocket gang at work, warn Sammo to stop. Frankie Chan prank Richard and he is force to reveal his identity. The real baddies run off but was caught soon. Sammo go to Deannie home and realize she is a cop. But they still go out on date. The gang strike again. Frankie is caught by a gang and must pay him money to demolish the evidence. Lau is beaten up and threaten. Richard go to Sammo house trying to find evidence but he sat on the dart cushion and hurt his butt. Sammo and Frankie comply the deal and beat the gangsters up to avenge for Lau. Sammo saw Deannie dancing with a man in pub. She find him to explain and need Sammo to help her steal something from a courier Lung Chan. At the park, the duo steal the package from Lung. Richard is there as well and catch Sammo plus Lung. Frankie manage to escape. He open the package and its diamonds. Lung left when he isn't link to Sammo. He bring his gang to ransack their place. They fight back and escape. The duo pretend to kill Didi and force Lau to confess if he is the one exposing their place. They pass the diamonds to Deannie. She want them to lure Lung out again to nab them. Didi took one diamond before handing over. The ones in their hand are fake during the deal. The trio take the money and escape. Lung know the diamonds are fake. Frankie kill Lung, Sammo fight Dick Wei and kill him too. They go to airport and saw Deannie gonna meet up the dealer. They prank her by stealing people's stuff and put in her bag, then announce out to everyone. Sammo took the diamonds but bump into Richard and drop. The trio are sentence to jail of different years, so does Lau and Deannie (for police impersonation). Richard is promoted for solving the diamond case.
½ December 31, 2012
Look, Hong Kong comedy can be really, really weird and awkward and hokey. In a way I've had to get used to it for the movies I watch, but in this movie it's so well done that this might be the funniest HK movie I've ever seen. It's a Sammo Hung movie all the way (star and director) and he never disappoints. This is easily one of his best movies. It's also fitting this features Richard Ng, possibly the funniest actor I've ever seen in an HK movie. This is more than a comedy though. The action is truly A-level and will not disappoint. Some really great stuff that I haven't seen before. Just as an example, for both the comedy and the action, loved the entire nightclub sequence early in the movie.
½ July 22, 2012
I had low expectations for this movie when I planned on seeing it...and the movie REALLY exceeded them! I'm not going to lie...I was truly entertained throughout the movie...although there were some outrageous moments! This movie deserves a 3.5 because it's a bit messy and brainless here and there...but everything else was perfectly fine! I enjoyed this movie and i'm not afraid to say it! The movie had a clever script along with action, fights, and laughs that were more than adequate! This brings us back to the beginning of the golden decade in Hong Kong cinema!
½ September 17, 2010
A truly weird comedy. Most of it is a light hearted tale about pick pockets getting into trouble when they aim too high, but then it ends with a lot of bloody violence.

The fight at the end is pretty good, but the juxtaposition of the killing mixed with slapstick humour is really off. The ending is especially off kilter, as they simply narrate what happens to the characters.
February 2, 2010
need to see all the carry on films still.
December 18, 2009
Nothing at all to do with the British Carry On films. This is a great Sammo Hung comedy which gets all serious in the 2nd half. Plenty of action and scraps to keep everybody entertained.
½ May 20, 2009
Amazing 1982 Sammo Hung-directed action/comedy. Rice Pot (Sammo), Chimney (the unsung Frankie Chan) and
February 16, 2009
One of my favorite Sammo Hung films(both as director and/or actor). Such a fun, and hilarious romp with a great blend of Sammo's comedy and action. Such a violent climax! I love it!
May 6, 2008
Nothing at all to do with the British Carry On films. This is a great Sammo Hung comedy which gets all serious in the 2nd half. Plenty of action and scraps to keep everybody entertained.
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