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July 9, 2015
First and foremost let me clarify all the bias and ignorant, yet frequent, comments that are swirling around "The Carter": this film does not glorify Lil Wayne. Period. What it DOES glorify, however, is his addictive and downright inhuman work ethic. The man does not stop...ever. Recording over 1000 songs in the year 2008 alone is a perfect example of his constantly-creating lifestyle, in which he somehow manages to raise an adorable (and loving) daughter, all while forever-high off his choice of drugs: Promethazine syrup and lots and lots of marijuana. It is inarguable that Wayne is far from a normal, functioning human being...and if that isn't an engaging film premise, I don't know what is.

The film begins with montages of Wayne recording songs in his tour bus and hotel room, places that only HE manages to make music in. It's safe to say that, along with Wayne himself, his manager Cortez Bryant is the "narrator" of the film, sharing his opinions and love for the artist through interviews and footage of his constant phone-calling and dollar sign negotiations.

The film is very "Tyson"-esque in the sense that you are brought into the mind of this bizarre individual by the individual himself. When asked the question "What would you do if you were President?", he answers "I would put cocaine back into Coca-Cola, I would legalize marijuana first AND second. Then I would eliminate all drug-use laws in sports: if you wanna take steroids, that's cool with long as you playin' good." You can't help but laugh at the sheer foolishness of the man's comments, however Wayne has no shame in being downright immature; this is HIS world that he's explaining. We just all live in it.

As "The Carter" dives into his self-destruction drug addictions, we see a darker side of the artist, a side that his manager barely even comments on for he is "too heartbroken to see him like that." Once again, no one in Wayne's extensive clique of assistants and errand-runners support or enjoy his addiction...and he doesn't expect them too. "Who gives a f--k what I'm drinking or what I do or what's in my cup? It's in MY cup!" This is practically common sense to Lil Wayne, confused as to why everyone cares what he does. He's going to do it either way, whether we like it or not. We might as well all just accept it now.

The film doesn't shove anything in your face or add unnecessary melodrama. It doesn't portray the addicted martian-like rapper as an icon or role model whatsoever. It simply takes you for a ride into the world and mentality of Lil Wayne, such a bizarre, conceited, and uncomfortable place that it is ultimately somewhat of a wonder. This film exposes us to the real Lil Wayne, one of the most interesting characters ever put on video.
½ September 21, 2013
I love documentaries and this one does not disappoint... The man behind the madness, he is a prolific artist who records constantly and has 1000's of songs in the can... You have to respect that! Behind the mask, for real!
½ March 19, 2012
Could have been better, more in depth, but as it is it's okay..
January 29, 2012
A nice look at a horribly out of touch fool.
½ August 16, 2011
this documentary sucks its piece of garbage and filth this guy is one seriously poor role model
½ July 26, 2011
Wayne is an interesting person. Watch as he drinks cough syrup, gets an ESPN logo tattooed on his arm and ignores his daughter! I can see why Wayne and Birdman didn't want this released, it is far from flattering.
½ July 10, 2011
A glimpse of the enigmatic superstar lil tunechi aka Dwayne Carter aka Lil Wayne. Clearly a workaholic and nothing else besides sports and his weed and cough syrup matter. Constantly travelling and recording always looking ahead to what's next weezy seems to have no will of his own but to make music. While worrying to watch it does give you an unbiased look at his day to day life and it is what it is. It'll either make you love Wayne even more or make you take a step back and think. The latter is true for me, make up your own minds.
June 12, 2011
Interesting look into Lil Wayne. Good doc bit of an egomaniac though.
½ June 1, 2011
Even though Lil Wayne is so overrated, I enjoy his music when he's not using auto-tune.
February 20, 2011
great documentry.amazing
January 1, 2011
As far as Documentaries go, this wasn't too bad. There was a lot of controversy about Wayne & Birdman not wanting this film to come out, but QD3 won the courts decision to release this film. I think it's worth watching. I also have other opinions about this film as far as how we watch the struggles one goes through for our entertainment purposes, but that's America.
October 4, 2010
Well I do like some of his music, and especially many where he is an guest artist, this properly shows the real man behind it all and for me its a mixed look into his world and where he comes from.
Maybe you just have to be a true fan to really enjoy this.
June 7, 2010
This doc shows how hard this dude works and how high he is all the time. Dude is high 24/7 and really doesn't know his daughter. It also shows him trying to get a 15 year old laid. Also shows how he reacts during interviews which caution and curiosity, as he does not hesitate to end it on site. As the film stated at the beginning Wayne withdrew his support from the film and tried to have it blocked and you'll see why.
½ March 27, 2010
The Carter confounds and elucidates simultaneously, providing lucid insight into Wayne's incorrigible work ethic and boundless passion while failing to penetrate any further than the persona already established in his songs. Sizzurp, money and bitches, nothing of love or fate or destiny, no secrets of his past or visions of his future, nothing more than a few expressions of concern for his incessant intoxication. Perhaps there is less to Wayne than meets the eye after all. But with a character this mesmerizing and charismatic, I doubt it.
½ March 11, 2010
Ce jeune mecton a une éthique de travail impressionnate malgrès son penchant pour les tergiversations sans fin.
½ January 29, 2010
The guy has the work ethic of a damn slave. Its too bad hes a slave to the sizzurp. This documentary makes an attempt to show Wayne in his most candid moments. And some conversation were NOT meant for the camera. A lot of this is footage of Lil' Wayne doing his press/promotional work. If you are a big fan you would have seen a lot of this footage floating around the net already but again, if you want to see somebody on theire hustle... This is it! (No MJ pun intended.)
January 17, 2010
Uniquely crafted and well-executed. Despite an abrupt ending, it's a compelling and balanced look at a complex and metaphysically interesting character I may have just changed my mind about.
½ January 6, 2010
Promethazine + codeine - quality control = Lil' Wayne.
½ January 1, 2010
Once I put this DVD in I could not stop watching. I was mesmerized by the craziness. I gather from the video Wayne has a extreme addiction to weed and pescription cough syrup. He is a very interesting individual but he has a very dark soul; although, he states that he is content with the lifestyle he's chosen. I'm a fan, so it was a very good documentary to me. I have also seen the documentary that VH1 presented earlier this year and this one is just as good, if not better - it is completely uncensored. I felt like I was watchin "Intervention" at times. He is a genius, talented and so creative, the drug use just makes me wonder how much better he could be. He has lots of potential.
December 20, 2009
excellent documentary. This confirms my belief that there's a thin line btwn genius and insanity. Just say no to siZzzurp!!!
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