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February 6, 2012
Casanovva is a big waste of time..It shows very well why the malayalam film industry is failing...A 52 year old man playing a youth oriented role..If he atleast stayed in shape we could have let it pass ,but this casanovva is definitely the fattest casanovva of all time..

The story? what story....the movie is about a exquisite flower dealer,Casanovva,who romances all kind of young girls..4 robbers start carrying out heists ,and its upto our flower dealer,Casanovva to catch them...

The movie is just a lot of expensive scenes and cars ...nothing else..
Acting from Mohanlal is below average...hes too old to carry out these kind of roles..
Actresses are just there for eye candy...

skip this if you really like movies...The only people who will like it are Lal fans,who think seeing him walk in slow motion is what acting is about...
February 5, 2012
good movie a visual treat excellent perfomance by mohanlal
those 4 youngsters was super
February 2, 2012
good film...great acting by mohanlal...he is a legend...
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