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Case 39 Quotes

  • Emily Jenkins: are you scared?(Lilith is trembling) well i'm not..
    Emily Jenkins: Are you scared?[Lilith is trembling] Well I'm not...

  • Wayne: i interviewed many children till now but never felt like this
    Wayne: I interviewed many children till now, but never felt like this.
    Emily Jenkins: how did you feel
    Emily Jenkins: How did you feel?
    Wayne: threatened...
    Wayne: Threatened.

  • Lilith Sullivan: What are you doing, you silly pumpkinhead.

  • Emily Jenkins: They say when you're born you're given your eternal soul. The part of you that lives on, lives again. Whatever evil she is,didn't come from us. It was already there. From the moment she came into being, she brought something with her. Something older, destructive. Soul of a demon.

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