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November 30, 2016
Pendant une heure, Casino Raiders n'a absolument rien d'autre à raconter que le fait qu'Alan Tam et Andy Lau sont des tricheurs au casino et qu'ils sont amis. Très amis. On pourrait presque s'ennuyer si les 2, accompagnés de Rosamund Kwan, n'étaient pas bons acteurs. Heureusement, Casino Raiders est un film hongkongais des années 80 et comme d'habitude, tout part à vau-l'eau dans la deuxième partie, d'une sauvagerie jouissive, avec des litres de faux sang, un Andy Lau qui cabotine de plus belle, une partie de poker absolument passionnante et des rebondissements tous plus étranges les uns que les autres. De ce fait, Casino Raiders remplit parfaitement sa mission et devient extrêmement fun et même touchant par moments. Ce qui était hautement improbable lors du premier acte.
½ May 1, 2013
its promising and intriguing start is met with an overly-dragged second act, predictable climax and underwhelming ending
November 25, 2012
Long-winded and careless "Casino Raiders" feels like it is the byproduct of two thirteen-year-old's collective imaginations. Wong Jing and Jimmy Heung stack this proverbial house of cards and then stand by looking on as it finally comes crashing down in the midsection when you realize you are never going to care about the fate of the leads (Alan Tam, Andy Lau). The last hour shows a flare for the instinctive allowing the audience to go on autopilot alleviating them of mindfulness and responsibility.
½ September 14, 2011
Despite a few good cast members, this was a very over-dramatic and boring gambling movie. It doesn't really develop the characters, so nothing matters when things happen to them. It's not even in the same league as God of Gamblers.
May 17, 2010
Professional Hong Kong gamblers run afoul of the yakuza. One of a string of HK gambling movies, this one mostly a buddy movie.
½ July 28, 2009
Before "God of Gamblers" made gambling into a Hong Kong subgenre, Wong Jing made "Casino Raiders". Unfortunately, there is a reason this film is little revered. The pace is maddeningly slow and Wong Jing's attempts at sincere melodrama fail miserably. Also, despite what the title may have you believe, very little screen time is spent on gambling. The one redeeming factor of the film is the intense and suspenseful gambling finale. Is it worth watching the entire film for? Probably not. Wong Jing, Alan Tam, and Andy Lau all went to work on "The Last Blood" together, which is a far better production.
November 28, 2008
A good gambling movie without any superpower like God of Gambler.
½ November 9, 2008
Intelligence God Of Gamblers
September 7, 2008
When Wong Jing manages to refrain from making jimmyjokes he actually makes good drama. With Casino Raiders he invented a genre, the gambling-thriller, and spawned numerous follow-ups, most of them procuced by the gambling maestro himself. Bar some unintentional dorkiness courtesy of Alan Tam, this is top notch filmmaking and a late eighties classic.
Super Reviewer
August 18, 2008
A fun action ride with Lau and Tam.
½ July 19, 2008
Andy & Alan are great pals in the gambling world. And when Alan got the chance to go straight, Andy just cannot do so. He even sacrificed his left hand to save Alan's ass. Then he risked his life to save Alan's wife and he go to battle with the gamble of his life with the Japanese who started all the shit. Good acting and pace is alright.
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