Cassadaga Reviews

October 24, 2013
Watching the opening moments of the new independent horror movie 'Cassadaga,' you might be forgiven for assuming the word is medical jargon for "self-administered impulse penectomy.'
October 15, 2013
Cassadaga is so close to being hauntingly endearing, but an overly "Hallmark" feel and laughable serial killer destroy any excitement or pleasure genre fans might be teased with.
October 14, 2013
Cassadaga flirts with conventions of both paranormal horror films and more traditional serial killer thrillers, but is marked by listless characters and indistinct dialogue.
October 11, 2013
Anthony DiBlasi's "Cassadaga" is the state of the art in horror movie storytelling, and the state of the art is horrendous.
October 10, 2013
This eager film piles on common fears: evil puppetry, haunted homes and overly generous hosts. So despite a sloppy and humorless execution, it is scary by association.
October 10, 2013
"Cassadaga" tries to scoop up enough tropes to satisfy a wide range of potential fright fans but lacks the cohesion to ever truly be effective.
October 9, 2013
This silly throwback to the post-'Psycho' shockers of the '60s offers a sluggish giallo-like murder mystery spiked with grotesque sadism.
October 8, 2013
...cribs equally from "Ghost Whisperer"-like spiritual melodrama, ghostly mystery, and grisly torture porn.
October 8, 2013
Attempts to leverage the horror genre in the service of inducing epiphanies, but keeps tripping over its confused tangle of genres.