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October 28, 2017
Great film and very informative.
April 19, 2017
Terrific. Educational for film buffs in the best way and with all star participation. A doc very well done.
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October 21, 2015
A fascinating look at an approach to casting by looking at some of the giants of the field, one that does not get its due nor is properly appreciated as a vital piece of the film making process. Where it falters somewhat is in its dismissing of the previous studio system of selecting actors who they had under contract. It was imperfect for sure but resulted in many classics so obviously something about it worked, though to hear about it here it was a worthless and completely counter productive to proper casting.
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September 2, 2015
A film that finally highlights the importance of casting directors to the process of landing the right actors in the right films. What would actually be more interesting would be to weigh their choices against who they could have cast in roles that would have been better but that is a quibble. Long overdue recognition.
August 24, 2015
3 words - casting director nominee
½ August 21, 2015
An insightful and eye-opening documentary about an unknown subject.
August 10, 2015
A thoroughly interesting and revealing documentary on an often unsung role of movie production.
July 30, 2015
A nice ode to Marion Dougherty, but I wish the doc had spread it's focus a little more to other major casting directors. Still pretty good.
July 5, 2015
Wonderful documentary about a few casting directors, most significantly, Marion Dougherty, an unsung contributor to many great directors (many of whom are interviewed). Great doc for geeks.
November 8, 2014
Persuasive testimonial honoring one of modern cinema's most influential and unheralded talents. As inspiring as it is interesting.
½ October 8, 2014
This movie should be called, "All About Marion Dougherty" or "Blowing Sunshine Up Marion Dougherty's Ass". How many times can they say, "Marion Dougherty" in 60 seconds? If this was a documentary about the industry of casting directors in general, I might be sold, but I can't sit up and listen to praise of one person for an hour plus.?
½ September 22, 2014
i was semi misled because i though this was a doc about casting in general but its more a biopic about Marion Dougherty. Definitely a movie for film nerds and they make some good points about casting directors not getting enough credit.
½ July 21, 2014
An excellent look at one of the best casting directors of all time. She casted some unknowns into roles that would make them extremely famous. Also I have a greater appreciation for casting people due to the lack of respect they get in Hollywood.
½ May 19, 2014
If you watch this, you'll spend the next month watching the films they speak of!
February 9, 2014
2013 was a strong year for documentaries and this is one of the most glowing examples of what made it so great...Entertaining and informative all the way!
January 28, 2014
HBO Documentary now on HBOGO is excellent! A great insight to how talent was found for TV & Movies with lots of "A List" actors on how they were discovered and given a break by one particular person Marion Dougherty who had a talent for finding just the right person for the right role.
December 16, 2013
I really enjoyed this one! Didn't know much about casting and what a magical process it is. What a keen eye it takes to be able to associate a role with a particular actor in order to fulfill the goal of creating the emotions you want your public to feel. Marion Dougherty, my respect to your impeccable sense of taste!
½ November 13, 2013
Awesome industry doc.
½ October 11, 2013
The world should know Marion Doughty's name.
August 18, 2013
Casting By is the best documentary I've seen in years and an enlightening look into the heart and minds of present-day Hollywood legends. It's a truly fascinating documentary for so many reasons, primarily because of the endless stream of Hollywood icons who eloquently express their love, devotion, and thanks to a remarkable lady who practically invented the occupation of casting director. Marion Daugherty is the woman who people like Pacino, De Niro, Redford, Voight, Hoffman, Travolta, and many others credit for their first big breaks in Hollywood, and it is so refreshing to hear such notable actors think back to when they first started and needed a person like Daugherty in their corner. Casting By is really a film that does so many things, and whether you are an aspiring actor, a film buff, or just simply someone who enjoys engaging and thought provoking documentaries, this film has something for everyone. I loved the stories about how Daugherty pushed for leading actors like Travolta and Voight to get their roles, and the Danny Glover story was truly heartwarming. Let's put it this way, at the end of the film, you hear Robert Redford say he loves Marion, Clint Eastwood thank her for her years of support, and Al Pacino wish that Marion was still working today. It's a brilliant film about not only casting directors and their importance, but also about how Hollywood would not be the same without their vision and artistic guidance. It's an amazing documentary and a must see film for people who love Hollywood.
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