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A romantic dramedy with boring, stock characters and contrived situations.



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After losing her husband in a tragic accident that occurred during his bachelor party, a would-be widow (Jennifer Garner) struggles to sort through the many secrets he kept from her as she adjusts to her new life. Erin Brockovich screenwriter Susannah Grant makes her directorial debut with a romantic comedy starring Juliette Lewis, Kevin Smith, and Timothy Olyphant.


Jennifer Garner
as Gray Wheeler
Sam Jaeger
as Dennis
Fiona Shaw
as Mrs. Douglas
Georgia Craig
as Persephone
Joyce Krenz
as Housekeeper
Christopher Redman
as Flower Delivery Guy
Daniel A. Parker
as Deadhead Singer
Daniel Parker
as Deadhead Singer
Nancy Hower
as Deadhead Singer
Jennifer Spence
as Comforting Friend
Kyla Anderson
as Comforting Friend
Leanna Nash
as Comforting Friend
Wendy Noel
as Comforting Friend
Leslie Mcmichael
as Jogstroller
Leslie McMichaels
as Jogstroller
John B. Destry
as Paint Salesman
Nancy Wetzel
as Cyclist
Dillard Brinson
as Michael Soltman
Sacha Levin
as Drummer
Terence Kelly
as Mr. Wheeler
Gabrielle Rose
as Mrs. Wheeler
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  • May 08, 2012
    slow burning drama that is saved by kevin smith who is a solid actor. the film was okay but a little depressing & the overall story isn't that well told.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • May 01, 2012
    A woman whose fiancee recently died learns that he had a child with another woman. I only rented this film to see Kevin Smith, and he wasn't bad, even capable of handling a heavy, dramatic scene. Jennifer Garner was also occasionally good. But nothing can rescue the story. The bottom line is that I have absolutely no idea what draws Gray to Fritz, and if I see one more film in which a woman slaps a man, then is thwarted when she tries to slap him twice more with alternating hands before he pins her against a wall and they begin making out, I'm going to try to get slapped more often. And there's an oppressive unevenness to the film made worse by the mix CD of indie songs that seem to be squeezed into the film. Overall, Catch and Release is not a good film because the motivations of the main characters are more mysterious than the reason that nobody ever kisses after getting hit.
    Jim H Super Reviewer
  • Aug 06, 2009
    After reading Kevin Smith's Diary, "My Boring Ass Life" I felt compelled to watch this movie as he chronicles some of his time making it (for which he took some guff from the studios for revealing too much). Smith was fun to watch as he was primarily playing himself. Garner, a true natural beauty who I defy you not to love. The movie...not so much. I was almost angry watching the character inconsistencies, the obvious plot trends, the cliches. The start was very heartfelt and had promise, but it quickly devolved into just so much tripe. I really do not know what we were watching with Jennifer Garner's character, "Gray." She turns into something wholly different from the beginning of the film to the end and even while the metamorphosis may have been part of the journey and process the moves are so jumpy and without precipitant as well as by a route that is so very nonsensical that the destination makes no sense and just leaves one with no idea what any of the characters are about. None of the character decisions make any sense in the context of development and are totally devoid of discernable motive. The backdrop is spectacular (Vancouver pretending to be Colorado). Some of the performances were memorable (primarily Smith and Garner), but I simply cannot recommend this movie as anything more than, "fair" to "unsatisfying."
    Dean L Super Reviewer
  • Jun 03, 2009
    A horrible and soulless movie that was saved by Kevin Smith. I also didn't mind Juliette Lewis, but the rest of the cast was horrible. Jennifer Garner hasn't done anything good since she was on tv and she keeps that track record up. The story was slow and boring with very unlikable characters.
    Ken D Super Reviewer

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