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½ June 11, 2017
This is a rather nice movie, considering it has its flaws because of a low-budget, but the music, the story and atmosphere are pretty cool.
April 8, 2014
Pretty bland, it gets creepy at points but doesn't stick with the same scare. The little girl is very annoying and hard to watch, and the dialog is pretty unbearable as well. Typical plot with an alright story, but the execution fails at making it enjoyable.
July 14, 2013
Cathy's Curse is your standard 'child possessed by spirits' tale that you'll find in most movies around this time (and in a lot of movies today, as well). Family moves into house, weird stuff starts happening, child is possessed, etc, etc, etc. What's disappointing though is that the movie started out seeming to be a lark. It could have almost been a movie that was so bad that it's good, but it got really boring fast. The little girl, like in nearly all of these types of movies, is annoying and awful. Things never make much sense and there doesn't seem to be a real clear idea as to what is going on. It's all just thrown together without much thought, and it's a shame. A very strong idea that turned out terrible could have been fun, but as it stands, the movie is pretty awful and sleep-inducing. Seek it out only if you're looking for an example of just bad.
½ December 30, 2012
Yep it's an awful movie, but it's so awful that it's laughable, yes I was laughing my ass off when I was watching this. The effects are laughable, the editing was laughable, the acting was laughable, the dialogue was laughable, the story was laughable, the scares were laughable, and the camera quality was laughable, yep the whole film was laughable, so yeah if you want to see a horror that is so laughably bad, this is the film for you.
½ October 12, 2010
little girls can be very scary
October 9, 2010
It's awful...
Fantastically awful.
½ May 28, 2010
Poor horror films that creates little atmosphere and is nor very eerie or frightening. It's too tame. The acting isn?t very good and the low budget effects the film?s impact. The score is too much and doesn?t enhance the film, it?s distracting. It fails in all departments to deliver a horror film with any punch.
½ May 28, 2010
37/100. Poor horror films that creates little atmosphere and is not very eerie or frightening. It's too tame. The acting isn't very good and the low budget effects the film's impact. The score is too much and doesn't enhance the film, it's distracting. It fails in all departments to deliver a horror film with any punch.
January 7, 2010
5/5 for entertainment value!

I guess you could categorize this one as 'so bad it's good' and it truly is a wreck of a film!
Some of the most hilarious scenes I've ever seen in a horror movie will leave you realing on the floor in agony as you try to catch your breath in desperation!!!
In addition to the incredibly inept acting and 'special' effects there are in fact some quite effectively eerie moments punctuated by the aforementioned truly disturbingly funny production.

I heartily recommend this film to lovers of terribly entertaining bad movies like Plan Nine from outer Space. GO SEE IT!!!!
December 15, 2009
A French-Canadian "bad seed by-way-of possession" movie that's heavy on the crazy but light on continuity or logic. Watch as the snow in the yard disappears and reappears from scene to scene. Also, try to figure out if the one woman is really that bad of an actress or if her line delivery is so disjointed because her character is having a nervous breakdown.
½ August 30, 2009
Made for about $5 (Canadian) with the most misleading DVD cover ever (though it makes sense when you discover it's a public domain movie, so obviously they are just trying to get people to buy it regardless of content). This might be one of the most incoherent, WTF movies out there. I can't even begin to explain....
½ October 17, 2008
A Canadian OMEN/EXORCIST clone with young girl possessed by spirit of her aunt, who for some reason wants everyone dead including the dog. Some of the grainiest footage put onto film, tough sledding.
½ July 19, 2008
Une nana qui s'habille tout cuir tout latex est possedee par l'esprit d'une jeune fille morte dans un accident de voiture mysogyne. Happy ending.
July 9, 2008
sweet muffins this movie is's corny as the dickens. it tries to be creepy...but then throws in some lame sci-fi movie laser gun blast sound effects. it's a blast to make fun of it...but it's not really good for any other entertainment.
½ April 8, 2008
this movie reminded me of the exorcist. it wasn't particularly good, but the possessed girl is just weird and creepy and reminded me of linda blair.
February 5, 2007
Cathy's Curse
Starring: Alan Scarfe, Beverley Murray, Randi Allen, and Roy Witham
Director: Eddy Matalon

Little Cathy (Allen) is possessed by the evil spirit of her aunt who died around Cathy's age. She proceeds to drive her mother (Murray) and torment and murder others for no apparent reason...other than the plot says so.

"Cathy's Curse" starts out showing potential as a good ghost movie, but it becomes repetative and loses its way about the halfway mark. It makes sense the ghost hates women, given the events leading up to her death, but why go after the handiman (Witham)? Why try to kill the instrument of her revenge? And what exactly is it she's trying to avenge? The fury should be directed at Cathy's mom, sure. But the oter events?

This moody ghost film is torpedoed by a lazy script. I wish more filmmakers would realize that the "second draft" is a concept that's worth persuing when it comes to scripts.
May 11, 2006
Unca back to tackle another film. This it's back to dive into some more horror.

"Cathy's Curse" ...

You know one of the hazards I'm beginning to realize about writing reviews is that sometimes you find yourself just going in thinking, "This is gonna be a dog." It's really not the fault of the movie, but just a general vibe you get. In this case the title just sounds crappy. Well, let's see if I can still be fair.

Well the first thing we get is a screen card stating: "DECEMBER 1947 - George Gimble, age 5, was taken from his home by his mother, who abandoned his father and sister Laura."

...well, so much for being fair...

Of course, next we see is Dad and Sis going after wayward Mom in a car. During the opening credits, Sis grabs the steering wheel to avoid a rabbit (how thoughtful) and ends up causing an accident that kills both Dad & Sis.

...damn rabbits...

Then [b]another [/b]screen card that states that George would ultimately return years later to the house with his wife and daughter Cathy. What's a matter, too cheap to hire a narrator, eh?

Then [b]even another[/b] card stating it's November 1979 (hence, the future since this was filmed in '77 - big deal).

Inevitably, while the couple settles in, Cathy is attracted to the room once occupied by her deceased aunt (George's sis).

Okay, to me this summarizes the movie, George/Dad II (Allan Scarfe) says: "Did you see the way she acted when she came in? I mean, Cathy. How comfortable she seemed to be in her room - and the whole house for that matter. And in a place she's never seen before."

Thank you, CNN.:rolleyes:

To make things worse, Mom II (Beverly Murray) apparently had "a nervous breakdown" and is on edge (nothing a Valium and some acting lessons couldn't fix). Cathy (Randi Allen) meanwhile begins rummaging thru the attic, finds a creepy doll and become mesmerized by a picture of her late aunt.

Then the neighbors come over and - how convenient - one of the is a medium! Mediumlady then say's that inanimate objects can talk from their experience.

::: Oh God, what did I get myself into? Did Ed Wood have a kid who made movies?? :::

Cathy then starts playing with the neighborhood kids "Accident", one child plays the daughter, one plays the daddy and drives real fast. At one point, Cathy tells the boy to say, "All women are bitches." and then tries to poke out a girl's eye with a nail.

You're sh*tting me, right?? -- oh, and were only on minute 17.

Well, the remainder of the movie is about as odd (and silly). I lost track of how many "WTF moments" there were in this flick. Don't get me wrong - this movie [i]tries[/i] to be a scary thriller [i]ala[/i] The Omen. It's just that it looks like that someone saw THAT flick and decided, "Oh, I can do that." The result is this mess.

Well, for what it's worth, there's some killing but they lack any sort of context (Why kill these people? How big of a c*nt was this daughter?).

The version I got, the film quality stinks (there's a constant line right down the middle of the screen) and the picture is blurry. Obviously, this is not a film someone wanted to preserve (gee, I wonder why). The editing is so subpar, well it actually defies description. All the acting is particularly bad, most in particular Beverly Murray who really delivers one of the worst performances of all time. Randi Allen plays the insufferable possessed brat and is absolutely annoying (though sometimes disturbing) to watch. In another surprise, this was apparently her only film.

[b][i][u]Fun rating:[/u][/i][/b] 2 - Honestly, Murray's atrocious performance and the unintentional(?) stupidity of this film saves this from the uncoveted '0'. That said, I would [i][u]highly[/u][/i] recommend chemical enhancement prior [b]and [/b]during this film. Otherwise, I am not responsible for property damage you cause from watching this film. You have been warned.

[b][i][u]Interest rating:[/u][/i][/b] 1 - only if you're a masochist or want to take a bet. The only people who might be interested in this flick are "So Good It's Bad" group - and even they might want to gouge their eyes after seeing this.

[b][i][u]TOTAL RATING:[/u][/i][/b] 2
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