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Cats & Dogs Quotes

  • Mastiff: Failure is not an opinion.

  • Ivy: Orders?

  • Scott Brody: Loser.
    Lou: Cat person.

  • Professor Brody: Bad talking cat!

  • Butch: Son of my mom!

  • Lou: I'm on to you kitty and your in big trouble!
    Russian Kitty: I think not baby puppy. It is you who is in trouble.

  • Russian Kitty: This tinkles,he is jerk. He talks too much and shed all over.

  • Mr. Tinkles: Evil does not wear a bonnet!

  • Lou: Dogs Rule.

  • Mr. Tinkles: [After making Scotty sneeze when near a dog] SUCCESS!

  • Calico: Noooooo!

  • Mr. Tinkles: Mice!

  • Mr. Tinkles: MICE!
    Butch: [Watching from a distance with Lou and Ivy] Son of my mom!

  • Mr. Tinkles: I want you to stay here.
    Calico: Why?
    Mr. Tinkles: Because I hate you. [Closes and locks the door]
    Calico: No! NOO! NOOOOOOO! [Scratching at the door] NOOOOOOO! NO! LEMME OUT!

  • Mr. Tinkles: Ha ha! Success!

  • Mr. Tinkles: Lower the cage!

  • Sophie: Mr. Tinkles!
    Mr. Tinkles: [Scared] Aaaah!

  • Mr. Tinkles: At what point did you forget that WE'RE TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD?!?

  • Sophie: Mr. Tinkles! Time for your bath!

  • Sophie: Now you can look just like me!

  • Calico: Are you mad?
    Mr. Tinkles: YES! I AM MAD!

  • Mr. Tinkles: Evil does not wear a BONNET!

  • Sophie: [Singing] La, la, la la la...

  • Sophie: Now you can look just like me!
    Mr. Tinkles: No, I think not, Sophie. Those days are through.
    Sophie: Wha--
    Mr. Tinkles: What's the matter, Large Marge? Cat got your tongue?
    Sophie: No...
    Mr. Tinkles: Boo!
    Sophie: Oh!
    Mr. Tinkles: Oh my! A talking cat?! Scary, isn't it?
    Sophie: Ohhhh... [Faints]
    Mr. Tinkles: Lock her in the closet. We must remain on schedule. OUR DAY HAS COME!

  • Mr. Tinkles: That is all... cats rule.

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