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Catwoman Quotes

  • Laurel Hedare: Game over.
    Patience Phillips/Catwoman: Guess what? It's overtime!

  • Ophelia: Male academia.

  • Laurel Hedare: If you have no identity, why keep it a secret?
    Patience Philips/Catwoman: Because you killed me!

  • Patience Philips/Catwoman: ''You know; Lassie would've brought me a key''
    Patience Philips/Catwoman: You know; Lassie would've brought me a key.

  • Patience Philips/Catwoman: ''Time to accessorize''
    Patience Philips/Catwoman: Time to accessorize.

  • Patience Philips/Catwoman: Ok Sal, waht do you think? [hold up to different dresses]
    Sally: I don't know. You going to a church or a Playboy mansion?

  • Laurel Hedare: No. My advice to you, George, quit the self-tanning. Stop eating Viagra like they're vitamins. Resist the urge to date children born the same day they invented the cell phone. For once, in you miserable like, George, [kicks him] be a man!

  • Sally: Beau-lean is magic in a bottle.

  • Ophelia: Except it child. You've spent a lifetime caged. By excepting who you are, all of who you are, you can be free. And freedom is power.

  • Ophelia: Catwomen are not contained by the rules of society. You follow your own desires. This is both a blessing and a curse. You will often be alone and misunderstood. But you will experience a freedom other women will never know. You are a catwoman. Every sight, every smell, every sound, incredibly heightened. Fierce independence, total confidence, inhuman reflexes.
    Patience Philips/Catwoman: So I'm not Patience anymore?
    Ophelia: You are Patience. And you are Catwoman.

  • Ophelia: You're not alone. There's been many others. [throws tons of pictures off the balcony.]
    Ophelia: You're not alone. There's been many others. [throws tons of pictures off the balcony]

  • Patience Philips/Catwoman: I'm Patience Phillips.
    Laurel Hedare: That's who's under there?!

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