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July 12, 2013
Interesting Hoot Gibson vehicle here as he volunteers for the new Pony Express being set up. But who is the mysterious man in black wanting to hold him up? This movie definitely takes it's time getting going, but it has some interesting tricks up it's sleeve, especially at the ending, to make this quite passable. Hoot's defininitely one of my fave Western guys.
January 16, 2013
The lives of two brothers separated at birth cross when one finds himself in the position of the outlaw and the other in the position of a pony express rider. The usual old fashioned feel good film with the usual formula, unlikely happy ending and religious undertones. It's short, so it doesn't have time to get dull.
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November 12, 2012
This film came from The Mill Creek Western Legends 50 Movie Pack, pretty sure you will find this is a public domain film and can be watched free on the internet. A very early western where good guys dress in white and bad guys dress in black, Story opens up with some settlers going west for gold when they are robed, Pa is shot and killed, Mom is hit in the head the two children witness it all, one child is taken by the bandits the other is left behind. Many cuts in the film and if you don't keep up you will lose the story. Years later the pony express starts one guy in white is hired by pony express the other dressed in black is not, he robs the pony express and stage, he is later caught by the good guy in white who we find out right before he is to be hung he's the good guys brother and all is forgiven, Film made in 1936 and is of poor quality. 2 stars
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