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August 18, 2012
i remember liking this a while ago, but it needs a second watch
May 27, 2012
This Romanian movie is a triumph of humorous subtlety. The acting is simply beautiful and the story beautifully simple. Watch it and love it.
½ January 15, 2011
A nice, understated piece of cinema which focuses on generational gaps in Romania and the heartless nature of advertising. I have nothing particularly negative to say about the film but it just didn't do anything for me in terms of emotion, it's ability to intellectually stimulate or do something different with cinematic style.
½ October 25, 2010
This Romanian movie is about a 17-year-old girl who won a car in a drawing after she sent in some juice labels. Her parents want her to sell the car, but she doesn't want to. Part of the deal is that she has to star in a commercial which involves both the car and drinking a bottle of juice that is being shot on a busy Bucharest street. She argues with her mother about the car right before they start shooting the commercial. The title is from the lines she has to speak in the commercial. There is quite a bit of repitition in this. Three and a half stars.
½ August 6, 2010
ne volim baŇ° gledat obiteljske svań?e u filmu, uvijek mi zvuń?e poznato. stresno mi je to. al oke je inań?e.
½ July 11, 2010
I liked it, found a very involving film but I could easily see how someone may find it a little slow and dull. The performance of the girl in question is very good
½ June 20, 2010
A nice wry, dry comedy from Romania about a teenage girl who wins a car in a competition. Unfortunately, her parents are emotionally blackmailing her into selling her prize for their benefit before she's collected it, as she makes a commercial for the soft drink company whose competition it was. It could have made a brilliant half-hour sitcom, but there isn't really enough story to sustain a feature film. However, it is all very well observed: the manipulative parents are horribly believable, and I can state from experience that filming sessions are all too often as chaotic, frantic and desperate as the ad shoot in this movie. The ugly, selfish side of family life is well captured here.
½ April 23, 2010
This slice of life drama definitely has its moments, but it runs a long 100 minutes. Would probably work better as a short film.
April 20, 2010
So funny~ =P
Wht a crazy capitalist world we re living in!
½ April 15, 2010
Opening night of the Wisconsin Film Fest and a dandy, imho. This story could have been shot anywhere in the world, and anyone with teenage children will recognize plenty of the dialogue.
March 30, 2010
creative, whats suprising is where the film was made...I could see this being made in the foothills of southern california or anywhere in the US for that matter....only blacker and funnier.
March 29, 2010
The film starts as a girl and her parents are driving to Bucharest. The girl is going there because she sent in a number of labels from some juice bottles and won a car that she is now supposed to collect. Part of the contract is that she agrees to be an actor in a commercial the juice seller is making, so she's a little nervous.

Using a very small cast this film uses this girl and the car she won as the backing line for a couple extra tangents. It makes for a very interesting combination - small, simple, completely believable and totally adorable.

The lead (and title) character being a somewhat insecure girl in her late teens comes across as a typical teenager - strong willed, happy to do what she's being told (as long as it helps her to get where she wants) and a volatile barrel of emotions. She's the anchor that keeps the film in place and the actress playing her pulls it off very well. The added story arcs complete the film and give room for a nice pace.

All in all, very enjoyable.

8 out of 10 shots taken.
February 28, 2010
vu au Cinéma Le Cratère à Toulouse dimanche 28 février 2010 à 19h05 !
November 12, 2009
One of the biggest hits of this year's Zagreb Film Festival. Romanian film seems to be in the midst of a renaissance in the European context. And for once, it's very refreshing to see there are actually other directors in Romania apart from Mungiu. Radu Jude created a wonderful little story about the great expectations of teenagers and their clash with the harsh economic realities of their parents. Also, there's a wonderful subplot about artists who compromise their talents to survive in capitalism and the stupefying effect of the advertising industry on its subjects. Andrea Bosneaq is close to perfect as the näive contest winner whose dreams about a road trip in the new car with her friends get shattered by her parents plan to sell the car in order to build a hostel with the money. The theater was full and the people were laughing, but I'd have preferred a different ending.
October 30, 2009
Romanian satire on greed and family life; capitalism and its discontents. Exactly want you want on a Friday night... all well-played enough - but the premise of a young woman being used in a reality advert where's a little thin after a while.
½ October 25, 2009
interesting, but frustrating.
October 19, 2009
Great idea on paper but not as 'fun' or meaningful' on film. I know it is low budget and all that, but why not just make it a tad shorter - 80 instead of 99 mins, perhaps? Some decent editing - and less pouncy, arty, pensive shots of people waiting and doing nothing would have made this more watchable and certainly would not lessen any impact it might have.
October 18, 2009
a very fesitval-oriented Romanian film. At the ending credit, it shows the logo sundance insitution, hubert bals fundation and other festival- supported projects. As a debut film of the director, it is well done. Realistic, sarcastic, yet touching. You may find the title of this film a bit irony, as the heroine's mother said "it is life. You have to do what you don't like to do."
September 29, 2009
saw The Happiest Girl in the World at the Calgary Film Fest. It's an amusing film from Romania about a young girl who goes to Budapest with her parents to pick up a car that she won in a contest run by a juice company. As a prize winner she gets to be in her very own commercial. The movie follows her day as she shoots the commercial - over and over and over and over. Meanwhile her parents fight with her about the car. She wants to keep it. They want to sell it. Lots of funny bits about commercial production and poor Delia drinking bottle after bottle after bottle of juice.
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