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December 16, 2012
Another iffy film that could have been a good series.
February 11, 2012
I will watch anything with Majandra Delfino in it! She is AWESOME in this rom-com. And Ethan Embry was in it too...how can you not love?!?
February 1, 2011
pretty predictable storyline, your typical fairytale ending. its not easy to find someone who really loves you for who you are. but when it eventually appears right in front of your eyes, you're one lucky arse.
December 15, 2008
no thanks not my thing
November 12, 2008
A feel good romantic movie.
½ October 5, 2008
Ethan and Debbie Gibson? IM SOLD
½ July 8, 2008
I love this one! As it's usually story of my life to fall for gay guys, it's funny that in this the leading lady thinks that the guy she falls for is gay. I know this movie is not gonna change the world, not mine or the whole world in general, but it's entertaining and sweet. I love this kinda silly romantic movies and I like Ethan Embry a lot, he's always hilarious and surely Delfino rocks in this movie as well!
June 16, 2008
There's nothing wrong with it, but just nothing right either.
May 27, 2008
Soo... fun i love her cuz. She changes alot of the movie and learns a lot about herself
½ May 18, 2008
It's was a kind of feel-good movie and it makes you think. It's fine and good on a sunday afternoon
May 5, 2008
My second favorite Ethan Embry film.
May 5, 2008
I cannot believe you made me watch this of course, Satch, you LOVE Ethan Embry..LOL.
February 26, 2008
Muy bonita y tierna...
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