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Cinderella (Cendrillon au Far West) Reviews

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½ April 29, 2016
una tremenda estupidez, la animación es pesima y que pasa con los personajes mal diseñados,haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay esta pelicula es igual a la del gato con botas del 2009 pero mucho peor.
½ October 15, 2013
Beh...An odd mix of interesting characters and some nice backrounds, with awkward animations of flying and running characters. The main character is a cute deer with an overly sexualized body style. Fine if youre a furry I guess. Supporting characters are well drawn and animated. Backstory characters are little more then digital sketches. The plot...-facepalms- is actually OK once you watch it a few times and get the finer details. It does explain why there is a ship in the middle of the desert, but you have to be on your toes to catch it the first time. Other then that it is essentially a rewrite of the same old Cinderella story. Fine. There is some amusing dialog, but again, you'll have to be paying attention. Voice acting is all over the board, mostly bad, except for the main characters. The other characters sound like they might be voiced by the same person.
there is a lot of detail in the backrounds, which I enjoyed. It is too bad that the writing and storyline werent a bit more solid on this film. If you are into animation for the characters and dont care about the writing, you might like this dvd. I bought it and have watched it five times now. I am a diehard though.
Best-Detail and animation of main characters. Nice backrounds. a few VERY nicely animated sequences. Nice cut of mains after final drama.
Worst- A few very BADLY animated sequences. Voice acting. (except for mains) farfetched final drama.
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