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½ August 25, 2017
One of the most idiotic movies I've seen in recent memory, such a waste of potential!
½ April 27, 2017
What the heck Val? What a piece. Annoying chronology, bizarre patriotic type classical music for a thriller with lame horror events, this is a mess. The sauna scenes are shown through an annoying blurry hazy urine colored filter. After what seems like 5 mins the characters already start to go nuts and attack each other. Then a nail gun happens, then some personal mutilation. Eric Roberts can't even be bothered to chew scenery in this embarrassing dud. Was it all in Val's head?

Sometimes it's fascinating that flicks like this make it through production. The kind of film that makes you ask why bother? SKIP!
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½ August 3, 2016
A demented professor wants to prove the effects of global warming by locking six people in a Turkish steam room, which only proves that he is one of the most stupid villains ever. But the only thing more baffling than this ridiculous premise is the movie's awful development.
½ December 11, 2015
Thought provoking film. Who was using the nail-gun? Does the ending provide the viewer with three choices?

1. Choose to contemplate who was controlling whom and who did what. Much like the detective throughout the film.

2. Choose to just chill out, accept an explanation, and move on with enjoying life's pleasures. Much like the detective.

3. Choose to forget the film entirely and move on with life. Much like people who never choose to view the film.
November 14, 2013
This is an ineptly made "film" with a nonsensical plot and thinly sketched characters. Val Kilmer plays a deranged scientist who seems to think that the effects of global warming are imminent, and so locks six people in a steam room to prove his point while he also uses them as a bargaining chip to get his "story" published. If that all sounds wacko, it's because it is. Nothing about this makes sense. Val Kilmer is basically portraying a stereotypical conspiracy nut job, but he doesn't even do it that well. And that filmmakers decided to drag global warming into this is even more stupid because it denigrates a serious scientific effort by putting it in the same category with people who believe(d) the world would end in 2012 (and schizophrenic madmen). Aside from him, none of the characters are really given any back story, or any reason to care about them. Armand Assante (as an off-duty cop) does a serviceable job with the material given him and kind of acts as the surrogate for the audience, in a way. He calls out Val Kilmer's character for what he is, and says what everybody in the audience must be thinking about him. Still, it looked like he was sleepwalking through the entire thing. Eric Roberts was the only other actor in this piece of trash that I recognized, but he's given even less to do as one of the six people trapped in a steam room (or are they?). Here is where the writing really lacked. There was no character development to give the audience any reason to care about them, aside from a couple sentences from each stating who they were, where they were from and what they liked/disliked. That's it. After that, it was just them hanging around and slowly going crazy after they find out they can't get out. I just have to say that the film-making here was rather shoddy. The editing was really weird, especially in the steam room scenes. You would have one character speaking, but then it would fade to another while that character was still talking, and replay bits of dialogue. Also, the steam room scenes occur in between scenes of Val Kilmer and Armand Assante and are shown in such a way that it appears that Val Kilmer is either telepathic/omnipotent or he's describing something that already happened, which would directly contradict what he said in the beginning of the movie. Considering that his character is crazy, I guess I could just let it slide but honestly, it's just poor writing, through and through. Val Kilmer's character is basically a Jigsaw wannabe, but only in his head. Even with the mental state of the lead character in question, the appearance of two people (coincidentally, the last two survivors from the steam room) still makes no sense in the context of the story and raises more questions than it answers. Overall, this is a frustratingly bad movie with poor filmic qualities, horrible acting and a story that's too thin and makes no sense. I look forward to never seeing this again.
March 31, 2013
Hard to judge this one as I was gripped for the majority of this showing, right up until the concluding part when all of a sudden the ending made no sense whatsoever. I'm a firm believer that movies should be structured in a manner that gets us fixated from the offset, continually throws in various ingredients to keep us glued, and then shocks us with an unsuspecting ending. The latter was certainly unpredictable, but it pretty much ruined what was a decent spectacle up until that point. We had the introduction of a seemingly normal human being voicing his concern of global warming to the press, and to get their full attention, he had admitted to holding 6 randoms in a steam room to demonstrate the likely effects of the increasing temperatures. The question was, was this an event from the past, was it a current situation, or was it all just a hoax?! Nevertheless we are enticed into thinking it's all occurring in the present time frame, and as such we witness the 6 individuals becoming acquainted on the initial thought they were attendees of a dating agency giveaway. That enjoyment soon turns to horror as the temperature rises, the doors are locked, and there's no escape. Turning on each other one by one, they panic at the realisation that no one may be coming for them, and there only hope is to breakout themselves, which is made all the more difficult in the blistering heat and claustrophobic conditions. At the same time, our brain is being taxed by the police investigation that runs alongside this, that looks to uncover the truth behind whether this is all really happening. In this sense it reminded me of the film Saw 2 as we switch between the hostage scenario and the police giving the accused a good grilling. I was therefore hoping that this would have the same enthralling finish too, but I couldn't have been more disappointed. Not only did it not make sense at the time, it didn't make sense after reading Wikipedia, and it was just one poorly designed conclusion. After a promising 75%, all the credible work was undone with a finale that I'm struggling to write about given that I still can't come to terms with what message was attempted to be conveyed. I think there was an overuse of twists, and as such it has made the film very twisted in itself. It's a shame because up until that point it had good characters, a good blend of action, some quite violent and gory, and was keeping the mind ticking away. Id be inclined to give this another go at some point, ideally in the company of someone who can perhaps explain the logic behind this, as it has evidently bypassed me completely.
September 26, 2012
I tried to watch this because of Val Kilmer -- well, not worth it --
½ September 2, 2012
one of the worst movies ever
May 13, 2012
It starts well then it ends with not enough depth. Its a typical gruesome film that mainly relies on the blood for viewing impact.
April 15, 2012
I refuse to believe that such a terrible script managed to make it past the garbage can.
½ April 7, 2012
definitely a B movie... had never heard of it, but a friend had rented it for a dollar from the red box and we decided to give it a shot... it was weird and we had some where to go so we didn't finish watching it but i'm not really that interested in renting it again just to see how it finishes
½ February 28, 2012
No Val Kilmer, No! Yeah, pretty bad and completely forgettable. It's ironic that a movie called the steam experiment loses all it's steam somewhere in the beginning. It's worth noting that there is a plot twist near the end which, if you had stuck around to this point in the movie, was completely confusing and no real explanation was served. The Steam Experiment is just not worth your time or effort.
December 2, 2011
When I watched this movie it was called "The Chaos Experiment".
Although it was pretty bad I was interested enough to stick around and see how it ended.The opera music playing instead of lines drove me nuts.
Watch only if very bored.
½ October 2, 2011
Not entirely sure if this film was a horror movie or a thriller, but either way it was not enticing at all. A script's quality relies on it's premise or base concept, this movie was a textbook example of what happens to a movie with a weak core. I don't know where Robert Malkani pulled this crap out of but the story itself was just ridiculous. A deranged and eccentric "intellectual" lures 6 people into a steam room and locks them up to demonstrate how people react under extreme heat. I could see the angle Malkani was going for by trying to highlight primal instincts in humans under pressure, but the rest of the story was just so weak. The twist at the end was not even that profound or impressive. The performers were satisfactory at best, there was some pretty weak acting at times but it more or less held together. Overall just another cruddy movie about a crazy guy running a psychopathic experiment.
September 14, 2011
Wednesday, September 14, 2011

(2009) The Chaos Experiment

At the beginning of the film showcses a particular person at the North Pole getting infected after something came from the sky consumed by a single polar bear infecting one person, spreading the virus to others working alongside with him which includes scientists etc..The area becomes quarintined with notices to discontinue others from visiting them to this site and no one listens- this includes curious teenagers! Dumb, idiotic and low budget, lacking alot of incosistencies, influenced by movies like "The Thing", "Aliens" and other films similar like it! Starring Val Kilmer whose been starring alot of straight-to-rentals lately- this one should stay on the shelf!

1 out of 4
½ September 9, 2011
This has to be one of the dumbest movies of all time. So lame, contrived and implausible you would think that it is meant to be a comedy. Unfortunately, it isn't meant to be a comedy, and isn't funny, not even accidentally. So bad it goes past good and back to bad again.

Clearly Val Kilmer, Eric Roberts and Armand Assante's careers are on the rocks if they agreed to appear in this crap.

Avoid like the plague.
½ August 25, 2011
definitely a B movie... had never heard of it, but a friend had rented it for a dollar from the red box and we decided to give it a shot... it was weird and we had some where to go so we didn't finish watching it but i'm not really that interested in renting it again just to see how it finishes
½ June 14, 2011
Man blir nästan gråtfärdig när man ser två bra skådisar som har pissat bort sin karriär, Val Kilmer, som var stor på 90-talet och bara gjorde bra rullar och Eric Roberts som gjorde några riktigt bra filmer i början av 80-talet.
Och nu gör dom såna här skitfilmer som ingen vill glo på, kan ingen göra en kulturgärning och ge dessa två herrar bra roller i bra filmer eller ge dom evigt yrkesförbud..
June 13, 2011
It was good to see Val Kilmer and Armand Assante back in action, but they couldn't have picked a worse film. The movie starts off with a great premise - a deranged professor wants the world to be aware of global warming so he locks six people up in a steam warm up and die. He does this because he wants his story to be on the front page while the people are rotting away in the steam room. It's sort of implied that it's all in his head, when you're left in the end with no straight answer. He must have had an accomplice and from what I understood, this person was one of the six people in the steam room. I do think it's a great idea though, but I'd like to add a twist to it. I think what should have happened was that the global warming alarmists are locked up in the steam room to prove to them that the globe really is warming up and they can just sit there and bask in their glory while their lungs were melting away. One can only dream. Anyway, I wouldn't recommend this movie at all and I do think Kilmer and Assante were scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. Great start, but a very, very disappointing finish.
½ April 18, 2011
except global warming makes it colder in the midwest
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