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½ April 27, 2011
I don't really know how close this movie is to the actual facts, but I really don't care. I mean, since The Tudors we know that even the most cosmetically challenged people will be portrayed by gorgeous actors. We all know Henry VIII. didn't not look like JRM, and we all know Charles doesn't look like Laurence Fox. So that's really something that doesn't bother me.

As for Fox, he gives a solid performance. He really makes you feel for Charles, and I caught myself thinking, "Well, he's really not that much of a bastard." Same goes for Olivia Poulet. She managed to actually make me like Camilla.

This movie is quite a good piece, and I gotta admit I really enjoyed it. It's not as good as "The Queen", but Fox and Poulet manage to display the chemistry that's bound to be between Charles and Camilla; after all, imagine how long they've loved each other. It's romantic without being tacky.
October 25, 2008
uh the well known story of da Couple....
da innocence of Lady Diana touches heart,no doubt in tht.....
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