Charlotte Sometimes Reviews

December 19, 2003
This and other movies like it seem to say love is complicated and can cause much misery, but that never strikes me as insightful.
November 9, 2003
'Charlotte Sometimes' elicits no more than restlessness.
August 27, 2003
It features plenty of hushed moments that suggest the presence of nuances that never really emerge from its murky tone.
August 1, 2003
Capably shot and acted, with a fine feel for loneliness, Eric Byler's film is a mood sonata with little concern about being Asian; it is only PC in the sense of 'painfully coy.'
June 19, 2003
It's all arty and jazzy and people sit and stare and turn away from one another instead of talking and it's all about the silences and if you're into that, have at it.
May 23, 2003
[Director] Byler may yet have a great movie in him, but Charlotte Sometimes is only half of one.
May 5, 2003
Terminally bland, painfully slow and needlessly confusing ... The movie, shot on digital videotape rather than film, is frequently indecipherable.
December 12, 2002
It aimlessly and unsuccessfully attempts to fuse at least three dull plots into one good one.