Trailer Roundup: Snakes, Spiders, and Ants!

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Usually we'll give you one new trailer in a Trailer Bulletin, but the clips are coming in at such a rapid clip that this time it's easier to jam 'em all together. Read on if you'd like to see some hi-res trailers for "Charlotte's Web," "The Ant Bully," and (brace yourself) "Snakes on a Plane."

The "Snakes" teaser, which you may have seen already gets a fancy new facelift courtesy of Movie City News. The action/horror flick stars Samuel L. Jackson as a heroic dude stuck on an airborne plane filled with hundreds of seriously angry snakes. ("Is there a herpetologist in the house???")

Snakes dine on spiders, so let's keep these flicks apart: The live-action rendition of "Charlotte's Web" is due in December, and that trailer can be enjoyed over at the Nickelodeon website, so go check that out.

And spiders eat ants, which brings us to "The Ant Bully," an animated comedy from WB that's based on the book by John Nickle. This trailer is accessible over at AOL Moviefone, which means I couldn't get it to work, but you might have better luck.

Hopefully you've found a few new movies that pique your interest, but you'll be tested on this material later: Snakes eat spiders. Spiders eat ants. Ants eat, what, like, bread crumbs, right?