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April 10, 2008
Not a big Tom Arnold fan but this Christmas movie wasn't so bad.
½ December 23, 2007
it was different, kinda funny!!
December 17, 2007
Throughout this whole movie an important message is revealed to us,the fact that life goes on (in this movie he started to hate christmas just because his wife cheated on him, on this very special holiday). Additionally,it's a pretty funny movie so don't miss it.
½ December 15, 2007
When will it end?!?!? I did not enjoy this movie at all. I thought it was annoying and totally fake.
December 9, 2007
A dismal attempt to replay 'A Christmas Carol' with technological trappings and homages to 'Back To The Future'. After making fun of Dickens and his wonderful story, and introducing such cack-handed ideas as Candy Cane Chronometers, the movie has the Ghost Of Christmas Past deciding that he's had enough of showing people the error of their ways and would rather stay in 1965. So the Ghost Of Christmas Present (Andrea Roth, who looks good in a hot tub) travels back to put the timeline right. Tob Arnold seebs to habe a bad cold in the Scrooge role, but he does well considering the surrounding debacle. His reasons for disliking Christmas, and the scenes in which he revisits them, could have made for a poignant film in the right hands. Shame 'Chasing Christmas' isn't touching, funny, clever, or anything its makers think it is. It doesn't help that they present 'A Christmas Carol' as a fictional story that the characters in the movie are well aware of. And can I be geeky for a moment? Ta. 'The Star Wars Holiday Special' aired in November, not on Christmas Eve.
December 3, 2007
Andrea Roth is hot! No time like "The Present"!
November 28, 2007
good famiy christmas movie
October 5, 2007
such a funny movie...newer ebinezer scrooge
½ July 13, 2007
This movie an ok movie. There was no point to it.
½ June 26, 2007
Tommy Can Do Better.
April 3, 2007
I like this twist offered on the take of "The Christmas Carol". It is a refreshing change from the normal Christmas movie. It offers you a message of the importance of family without the usual archaic bore.
March 26, 2007
great film even though its not christmas yet lol
½ February 25, 2007
I didn't think it was that great.
½ December 21, 2006
la verdad no me gustó mucho y creo que el final debieron hacerlo un poco mas largo
½ December 17, 2006
This Movie sucked big time!.
½ December 14, 2006
It was ok movie little funny
November 22, 2006
Bah Humbug! Yet ANOTHER variation on "A Christmas Carol", and this one is not one of the best efforts on that story. Silly, exaggerated overacting, only occasionally amusing. Skip this one and watch the classic 1951 Alastair Sim version. If Charles Dickens saw this....oh my.
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