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½ December 26, 2013
one of the worst movie i`ve ever seen. the true story is very good but the plot and acting of all performances didn`t support well. boring, contaminated the original idea and poor directing. the revolutionary movie should not be like this. very dissapointing because every scene fail to delivered the point. we can see true quality of revolutionary movie like this in "NO", "One flew over the Cukoo`s nest" and "Malcolm X".
May 2, 2010
This film controversial or not in subject matter was fairly historically accurate and better than the super-flop mega-budget Steven Soderbergh flick. Too bad independent films always get overshadowed by those films that have the budget to advertise.
½ May 3, 2009
To be completely honest I am not really familiar with all of the history and alleged events of the take over of Cuba or the story of Che Guevara so I do not know if this film is historically accurate or not. With that said I do know a little bit. Che is a revolutionary and along with Castro takes over Cuba. This leads Che to great fame and success, leading him to try to start a revolution in Bolivia where it goes horribly wrong for him.

This is an average movie and is no where close to becoming a masterpiece. For one, being an American who has baby boomers as parents, leads me to have a bias towards Cuba and anything communist. With my bias aside I think this movie does a good job in showing an objective view of Che, and the events rather than criticizing or glorifying him. The other thing that I both appreciated and got annoyed with was the constant flash backs. This entire movie is a continual flash back (it reminds me of memento). It starts at the end, to the beginning and it keeps hoping back from early to later, early to later, etc. until you hit the end again. Maybe this is unrelated, but it also reminds me of the quote by Lenin saying that we must takes two steps back in order to take one forward. I don't know if that was what the film maker was going for, but it certainly reminded me of it.

At times it was confusing towards what was going on and in what time it was taking place because costumes or surroundings rarely changed. Also really only the actor playing Che did a really good job at acting. I thought the acting to be very poor and at times almost comical, and one explanation to give the film the benefit of the doubt was it may have been dubbed. I did not look this up (I should have), but I watched the English version and at times it felt as though things did not match up even though it was not visually obvious. If this was dubbed it would explain this complaint. If it was not then I must say the acting (except for Che) was horrible.

If you are interested in Che, Cuba, or anything Communist definitely check this out. If you are looking for a different type of movie just to switch it up definitely check it out. If you hate the idea of Che or anything within that circle of stuff (Castro, Communism) then don't watch it. I would not necessarily recommend it to anyone else, but I would say it is worth a watch. Rent this one, and watch it once and that's really about it.
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