Chernobyl Diaries Quotes

  • Uri: The people were not even given 5 minutes to collect their personal possessions.

  • Uri: Levels are good!

  • Chris: F*ck...blabla..F*ck

  • Uri: Tell me if you see something moving in the water.

  • Amanda: My friends are idiots.


  • Michael: Have you EVER heard of CHERNOBYL?

  • Humanoid: Damn this movie is lame

  • Natalie: alright i like it.

  • Chris: It's a hazard to have you as my brother!

  • Uri: I work alone.

  • Chris: Excuse me sir, but is that a pickle in your pocket or are you extremely happy to c me?

  • Chris: Here we go.

  • Paul: Have you herd of extreme tourism?
    Paul: Have you heard of extreme tourism?

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