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½ January 10, 2013
Somehow this plot made for a wonderful viewing experience. It was a unique idea with a cast of strange and lovable characters.
Super Reviewer
February 22, 2008
Hilarious movie! Shalom Harlow is intriguing in this.
August 1, 2007
Oh, poor little super model can't find a man. Wah, Wah, Wah.
July 31, 2007
Shalom Harlow and I have the same birthday, but I still won't see this.
June 8, 2007
heh heh... somebody pop that title will ya?... get it?... Pop the... oooh nevermind!!!
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½ May 21, 2007
Very shallow and superficial. And to make things worse, perdictable.
November 20, 2006
For some reason I really liked this movie. Jake Weber is excellent in his role as Dr. Beverly Kirk. There were a few things in it i didn't like but overall loved the romance between Leila and Dr. Kirk.
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