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July 27, 2013
This was bad; the editing was terrible; some scenes felt like they were completely ad-libbed, and badly at that. I think Chapa fashions himself as a Seagal-type.
½ December 26, 2009
One of the worst under budget movies I have seen in my life!!!!!!! I understand the quality is not their, but the director seemed lost and boxes into the movie(safe). The transition scenes were very disgusting! The actor were very bad except for some OK peformances. I hate how the Chicano guy takes throughtout the whole movie to kill a russian guy that's seems to act for the food the he was allowed to eat. This movie has a horrible ending and leaves me laughing because of the horrible cast. I ashamed of how Latinos are stereotyped in the U.S.
September 28, 2009
Tampoco Lo he Visto Pero Si Lo Voy A Hacer Muy Pronto!
April 16, 2009
Latino families....good to watch
June 4, 2008
I was not expeccting much of this movie and it is a good thing I didn't. I personally thought this had some pretty bad acting and I am sure the budget for this movie was not high. Unless you are into low budget independent films, I suggest you pass this one.
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