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      Chief Zabu Reviews

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      Jul 29, 2020

      Chief Zabu is a film that is enjoyable as it is socially relevant, even over 30 years after it was produced. The film addresses issues such as colonialism and corporate greed in an authentic yet approachable manner, relaying the cost of the American Dream by showing both the benefits the leads reap and the damages they have done to those affected. Neil Cohen, Zack Norman, and Nancy Zucker's screenplay does an excellent job at creating a realistic world to the point where the fictional country of Tiberaku seems incredibly authentic. Overall, Chief Zabu is an entertaining film worthy of a rewatch.

      Jul 28, 2020

      How far would you go for money, status, and political power? ‘Chief Zabu' takes audiences through one wild journey of two New York businessmen in their pursuit of the American Dream. When conman George Dankworth (late Allan Arbus) dangles a golden opportunity in front of real estate developer Ben Sydney (Allen Garfield), Ben can't help but try to coerce his friend Sammy Brooks (co-director Zack Norman) to join him. The brilliant chemistry between the two actors is undeniable, especially in their high-energy, witty bantering. Along with clever quips, ‘Chief Zabu' is fast-paced and left my head spinning until the jokes sank in. This hidden gem has waited long enough, and really, its public release is perfectly timed.

      Jul 28, 2020

      Chief Zabu is a blast from the past reworked for today's audience as a commentary on figures in the US today. The film stars Allen Garfield as Ben Sydney, a businessman whose connections in politics is about to lead him to one of the biggest scores in his life. With the help of his right-hand man Sammy Brooks, portrayed by Zack Norman, he looks to take advantage of the Polynesian nation of Tiburaku and the titled leader Chief Henri Zabu (Manu Tupuo). The film has striking imagery, giving the viewer a look into the lavish lifestyle of businessmen who succeed at the under-the-table dealings. From private mansions to constant affairs, this film shows how the world of business can be fast-living and unforgiving. With excellent comedic timing and ridiculously funny takes on the world of business in New York, this film shows how much a businessman can achieve even without a deep background in the world of politics. This film's funny, smart, and ironically accurate to the world shady business dealings and I can't wait to see it again!

      Jul 21, 2020

      Being behind the camera can really make or break a film, and Chief Zabu does an excellent job utilizing the camera angles to bring the comedy full circle. Director Neil Cohan is on point fixing the audience's attention on exactly what is going on, and on some things that might go overlooked. He captures this with some wide angle shots, and with close ups, he focuses on some of the more quirky moments of the film. Really bringing out the humor at times where you would least expect it. With a pleasant mix of a ridiculous and peculiar set of events, Chief Zabu makes for a hilarious comedy all around.

      Jul 20, 2020

      In the Neil Cohen-Zack Norman indie project Chief Zabu, the world of politics is seen in quite a satirical light. Through watching the capers of New York real estate agents Ben Sydney (Allen Garfield) and Sammy Brooks (Zack Norman) trying to elevate their status in life by trying to govern a small Polynesian island, the idea of politics becomes a grandiose punchline. I found it very hilarious the immense lack of experience Sammy and Ben have in the political world coupled by the nefarious and often sneaky things they do as if they've been politicians from the beginning. Chief Zabu shows two knuckleheads tripping upwards to the top as they riotously pursue greatness.

      Jul 20, 2020

      A fresh 80's comedy that's still relevant today, Chief Zabu follows two sleazy businessmen who want to invest in the island paradise Tibuaku, an up-and-coming Polynesian Island wishing to be admitted to the United Nations. With its witty comedy and the quick banter that defined the 80's, Chief Zabu does not disappoint. Actors Allen Garfield and Zack Norman have impeccable comedic timing and carry out the film's dry humor with ease. Finally released over 30 years after it was originally made, this satire is surprisingly relevant to politics and business today, which makes it even more hilarious as a political satire. In short, Chief Zabu is a hilarious, farcical, and witty satire mocking economic and political influence that translates perfectly to the 21st century.

      Jul 16, 2020

      Some of my favorite types of comedies are those that involve a sarcastic, ironic, and satirical tone. The film, "Chief Zabu" is a combination of all three of these genres, which had me laughing the entire time. The plot revolves around two New York real estate agents who agree to a hectic business plan with the president of a small Polynesian island. Not knowing how this business partnership would pan out, I was eager to find out if it would be a success or a flop. With an outrageous concept paired with comedic chops, I was able to enjoy this film even more.

      Jul 15, 2020

      It's amazing how relevant "Chief Zabu" is even though it was made in the 1980's. Zack Norman and Neil Cohen's political satire follows two real estate agents, Ben Sydney (Allen Garfield) and Sammy Brooks (Zack Norman) , who will take any opportunity to live the American Dream of becoming rich and gaining power. As I was watching, I found myself drawing many comparisons to modern politics. This film satirizes the absurdity of the idea privatized individuals can buy and develop countries for their own . profit.This film was ahead of its time and I'm so glad it was released in such a timely fashion!

      Jul 15, 2020

      Chief Zabu has is full of quick, witty dialogue written by Neil Cohen, Zack Norman, and Nancy Zuker. This snappy screenwriting is on full display in one of my favorite scenes, where Ben Sydney (Allen Garfield) and Sammy Brooks (Zack Norman) banter about what they'd do with all the money they received from investing in the fictitious nation of Tiburaku in one long take. The film checks off all my boxes that make a nostalgic cult classic. With added political relevancy, I couldn't help but put this satire at the top of my watch list!

      Jul 15, 2020

      Zack Norman and Neil Cohen's 1980's satire of political culture amazingly holds up to today's stereotypes and humor. The chemistry between Sammy Brooks, played by actor/director Norman, and Ben Sydney, portrayed the late Allen Garfield, makes for brilliant fast-paced and hysterical banter. It reminded me a lot of Mel Brooks' films due to the exaggerated characters and timing of the constant jokes. The writing specifically is what stands out to me in the way that much of the dialogue has an underlying meaning and a darker implication than the energetic delivery provided. It's dark humor and criticism of the American Dream is what makes this outlandish plot sophisticated, showing that it's themes are undefined by their decade. As a fan of the unique sense of humor, fashion, and general tone of 80's cinema, I'm thrilled that the filmmakers were able to put it together and release it years after filming this indie gem!

      Jul 13, 2020

      I thoroughly enjoyed "Chief Zabu" as I really appreciate this 80s comedy's satirical edge showed throughout the film. The main character, Ben Sydney, (Allen Garfield) does a phenomenal job of bringing a natural tone to his performance. Garfield plays alongside an amazing ensemble cast which flawlessly represents the subdued i tu of the real estate world. I love how the movie plays on the modern politics and how it treads the line between satire and political commentary. Overall, a really fun film bringing out the humor of our world and the people who run it.

      Jul 9, 2020

      As a stand-up comic, I often judge comedies more technically than any other genre. Despite this, Chief Zabu has gained my seal of approval. The cast, led by Allen Garfield and Zack Norman, excel in comedic timing and chemistry. The script itself is full of laugh-out-loud moments and unpredictability. This definitely has all the makings of a genuine cult classic.

      Jul 8, 2020

      "Chief Zabu" offers a comical look at American corporate greed. The main character, Ben Sydney (Allen Garfield) is a conniving New York realtor aiming for political and social affluence. Sydney, along with his partner Sammy Brooks (Zack Norman), embark on a business scheme to gain prominence in the newly independent nation of Tiburaku. The pair hilariously conspire throughout the film in an effort to achieve the investment. Through the character's wit and naivety, the film indiscreetly digs at the pretentious nature of the American businessman.

      Jun 22, 2017

      Chief Zabu is a 80s comedy that is fresh, but relevant to today's society! Two realtors attempt to capitalize on a opportunity of a Polynesian island, Tiburaku, requesting admission into the United Nations. The film follows the story of their absurd attempt to achieve the American Dream for money and power. Ben and Sammy friendship and onscreen chemistry brings you light hearted, outlandish humor and quick banter reminding you of similar friendships. This buddy satire is a quirky, entertaining story and will keep you laughing throughout the film. I highly recommend this film filled with 80s nostalgia, eccentric characters, and a surprising ending.

      Jun 21, 2017

      Rare are the films that find themselves equally enjoyable years later as the day they came out, and nearly non-existent is the movie that remains culturally relevant so far down the road. Either the stars have aligned or this happening was some delicately planned conspiracy, because Chief Zabu, a movie lost to history for thirty years has finally been discovered, and remains culturally and politically paramount considering the recent temperature of the political climate. We follow Sammy Brooks and Ben Sydney, two sleazy New York realtors who seek quick wealth through any means necessary. When they happen upon an untapped island nation on the brink of acceptance into the United Nations called Tiburaku, they pounce upon it with dollar signs twinkling in their eyes. The absurdity of the situation shines through especially strongly in a scene where the men banter about their margins, the margins on those margins and margins on those margins, coming to a ridiculously confusing conclusion that makes sense to no one existing in a rational world. The movie proves to be a hilarious romp that only heightens the stakes that we face in America today, but makes one thing clear: when the titular Chief Zabu of Tiburaku presents a one-way ticket to the American Dream, the American Dream will have its way with Chief Zabu. A hilarious ride from start to finish, Chief Zabu takes the viewer to morally uncomfortable places made soft through the presence of satire. I heartily recommend it for anyone looking for a funny ride or some great political satire.

      Jun 21, 2017

      Chief Zabu is an outrageous, over-the-top, hysterical film that features two realtors who are tired of their jobs and dream of being rich. They devise a get-rich-quick scheme that involves coercing an uninformed, frivolous investor into buying the rights to a small island in French Polynesia, called "Tiburaku". The realtors exaggerate the potential prosperity of the island with such skill, they almost begin to believe it, themselves. Set and filmed in the 80s, the film had a $100,000 budget but delivers quality, laughter-inducing content worth much more. It was recently found under the staircase of the director, 30 years after its creation. It's a timeless film that features comedian, Zack Norman, at his best: spewing quick, witty monologues that will leave viewers' heads spinning to catch up, and laughing hysterically once they do. You may think you know how it will end, but you don't. This is a film like no other that will leave you questioning all the investments you've ever made. Hold onto your wallets and get ready to laugh! This is a must-see.

      Jun 21, 2017

      Anybody looking for a good laugh will definitely find it in Chief Zabu! Allen Garfield and Zack Norman play business partners Ben Sydney and Sammy Brooks on a mission to gain political influence on the fictitious island of Tiburaku. Simultaneously, the island's leader Chief Zabu struggles to gain recognition within the United Nations. Their stories intertwine as they all make their way through this outlandish and over-the-top satire. The film is absurd in the best way possible with its quick, dry humor and fast-paced editing style. It may have been filmed in the 80s, but both the plot and its humor are still incredibly applicable and relevant today. I had such a fun time watching this film and I loved being immersed in its nostalgia. Whenever I'm in the mood for something lighthearted and bizarre I will definitely reach for Chief Zabu and I recommend that anyone else does the same.

      Jun 20, 2017

      Chief Zabu is the funniest satire I have seen in a while! The movie features two real estate agents that have a big plan on how to get rich quick through buying part of an Island! The men don't achieve their original goal, but are still able to end up where they want to be. This movie is a twisted version of the American dream and it is completely hysterical. I loved this movie because I love most 80s movies and this was just the total comedy package. The quirky film actually reminded me a lot of Seinfeld and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. My other favorite aspect of the movies was the friendship between the two real estate agents, Ben and Sammy, played by Allen Garfield and Zack Norman. They have a quick witty relationship and it is completely hilarious. I think that the actors work so well together and actually have the bond played in the movie. I recommend this movie to people who love dry humor, satires, and the 80s.

      Jun 16, 2017

      Chief Zabu is a political and business satire about businessmen hoping to achieve their own American Dream. Whether that be to become a great comedian, a rich and influential household name, or simply to be rich you see the characters twist truths and exaggerate the potential of a business deal to achieve these ends. This quirky and eccentric film is lighthearted, filled with quick banter that keeps you smiling. You'll enjoy the different characters and the array of attributes they bring to the film. Besides the characters, this film brings a whimsical feel through the brightness of the film and array of different colors used throughout. I recommend this film to anyone looking for a refreshingly quirky comedy that takes you back in time.

      Jun 14, 2017

      Outlandish and hilarious, Chief Zabu is a recently unearthed 80's satire about two New York real estate agents' journeys as they try to invest in Tiburaku, an up and coming Polynesian Island. As a fan of 80's comedies, I was so excited to watch this movie. it did not disappoint and I would not only recommend it, but I'd also compare it to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Allen Garfield (The Conversation) and Zack Norman (Romancing the Stone) were comedic geniuses as they carried out their roles as bizarre and fumbling businessmen. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in comedies and 80's movies!

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