The Children of Huang Shi Reviews

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December 13, 2018
More insight into each character's motivation would have made for a deeper film. Yet the excellent cast does a good job with what they are given.
November 16, 2011
December 7, 2008
Cynicism for another true story of a reckless white adventurer finding redemption and purpose helping 3rd World unfortunates evaporates with stunning and moving WWII scenes.
October 18, 2008
It radiates intelligence. Of how many historical epics can that be said these days?
October 18, 2008
October 18, 2008
It is, however, such a spectacular-looking movie, as shot by cinematographer Zhao Xiaoding that it is, to use that old cliche, worth the price of admission.
October 18, 2008
If you can get past the Eurocentric focus, there are worse ways to pass the time than to see The Children of Huang Shi, if only because the glimpse into the time and place are captivating and the images are gorgeous.
September 12, 2008 inspiring tale of a man answering a call to greatness even if he doesn't fully understand why it's fallen to him.
August 7, 2008
Xiaoding Zhao's cinematography is splendid, Roger Spottiswoode's direction is workmanlike.
July 7, 2008
Its anti-cynical faith in the value of altruism is encouraging.
June 29, 2008
... an affecting portrait and a strong story with a compelling backdrop, and Chinese cinematographer Xiaoding Zhao makes the gorgeous locations look magnificent.
June 28, 2008
The settings in remote China are wonderfully diverse as seen through Xiaoding Zhao's lens, and the passionate and heartfelt saga unfolds beautifully, capturing our hearts.
June 26, 2008
Its wartime, period and regional production values are persuasive, the character is larger than life and the climax is sobering.
June 20, 2008
It's a sturdy film, vivid if utterly workmanlike, that builds to a crescendo of personal sacrifice and misty noble uplift.
June 13, 2008
If it doesn't measure up to the label "epic," it's still an engaging account of one man's journey through war and those circumstances that give meaning to the saying, "Heroes are made, not born."
June 6, 2008
It's a compelling story, with only a few jarring notes.
June 6, 2008
Too intense for kids but just right for sentimental, strong-stomachs adults who aren't too fussy about accuracy.
June 6, 2008
The Children of Huang Shi is an engaging story and the film is beautiful to look at.
May 23, 2008
Roger Spottiswoode directs with old-fashioned style, avoiding the saccharine with realistic depictions of a war-ravaged China (where he filmed) and a cast well versed in stiff-upper-lip.
May 23, 2008
It's a polished, beautifully shot story, and it acknowledges the messiness of real life. But like real life, it's often baffling and frustrating.
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