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April 10, 2006
Hudson was in it! That made me love it. Plus it's funny
March 19, 2006
Decent entertaining show
March 18, 2006
! of the best movies produced
March 15, 2006
The defining moment in Skeet Ulrich's career
February 9, 2006
action, adventure, thrilling, great movie i could say
½ November 1, 2004
Another crappy movie from Cuba Gooding Jr.
½ April 30, 2004
WHen do people feel.....infested? :confused:

The movie I've rated above are totally random. I won't review them unless I see a request.

Today is the final day before school ends that I post in my journal. I start exams tomorrow. I sold all my books from 1st semester and got a refund of only 79 dollars, though I really can't complain because before today all I had was a dollar fifty. I'll sell the rest of my books during next week. I also have to put my things in storage. I'm sharing with 5 other people (All girls actually), so I have to start packing soon. I'm mixed. I'm happy school is over, sad that I have to work. I miss summers that I just sit on my ass and do nothing all day. Oh well.
½ February 23, 2004
[size=3]The action movie [i]Speed [/i]was mildly successful because Jan de Bont knew how to direct a film that kept the tension high and the viewer riveted. Conversely, [i]Chill Factor [/i]has no tension or suspense, and is reduced to being entertaining solely based on the unintentional laughs it generates. In [i]Speed[/i], a bus could not go over 50 miles per hour, or else it would explode. In [i]Chill Factor[/i], if a biological chemical is exposed to temperatures over 50 degress Fahrenheit, it will also do something very bad. Cuba Gooding Jr. (who is coasting ever since his [i]Jerry Maguire [/i]Oscar) and Skeet Ulrich are saddled with a script so preposterous, even the most earnest actors could not save it. The weak central premise is effectively exploited for about a third of the running length, in which there are some ludicrous though entertaining chase sequences involving terrorists trying to obtain the chemicals. However, the other seventy minutes of the film are wasted on pointless scenes in which the two heroes trade insults, and the film tries to flesh out some of the characters' back stories. A film like this should plunge into its action and crank up the level of fun, like Spielberg does in [i]Raiders of the Lost Ark[/i]. Instead, it meanders for so much of its running length that when the action sequences do come, they seem designed to distract us from how dull the rest of the film has been. [i]Chill Factor [/i]is a nothing film: it is not funny, not moving, definitely not original and not even a success on the most basic level of being a guilty pleasure.[/size]
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