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½ January 22, 2011
Good movie! Could have been better but I still liked it....
November 16, 2010
Unexpected yet suprisingly entertaining little action movie.pace is set good never a dull moment due to the two main leads bickering!!!! Entertaing stuff with good set pieces!
October 13, 2010
Can you name this movie based on 2 lines of dialogue, by random characters (not main characters) and having never seen one second of it before??? I did. Ask Fish.
September 16, 2010
Bad movie but was so funny!!!
September 16, 2010
It was an incredibly forgettable film.
½ August 30, 2010
Review #308 Action,Sci-Fi Thriller

I always thought that after Cuba Gooding Jr started making bad films, he would've got a better agent. Of course I was dead wrong.

This film, beyond being ludicrious, is predicatable, and shameless fun, but one thing it isn't is beliveable or even emotional. It is emotionless.

"Chill Factor is A thriller that doesn't thrill, and unlike it's name, it doesn't offer any chills. It offers only a few dumb laughs. Certianly they could of renamed it "Get the bomb here in under an hour and keep the ice cream in the truck'."

Well that is wrong for two reasons. They would never make it in an hour. Also the ice cream would melt by then. Surely this film is as dumb as it is believable.
½ June 17, 2010
Almost decent the plot is just so ridiculous. I watched it all the way through and It was better than most of the crap that they put on t.v on weekends. It's ridiculous but its one hell of a ride. One no name actor and a well known actor, they are both very bad in this movie, for some reason this movie is very appealing why I chose to watch it I have no idea. There's lines like " Elvis is dead man go buy some records" and I almost laughed at the corny line. They call the Chemical weapon Elvis or I think thats what it is, it's just blue slime. Chill Factor is one of the best worst actions I have seen.
½ May 2, 2010
Not a super popular movie...It had an interesting edge to it. The weapon they were carrying was unrealistic. This I know I was trained to decontaminate such stuff. A decent watch if you're bored and have nothing else to see..."
April 25, 2010
Nice to see Skeet Ulrich take centre stage of a film... This was an alright comedy/action/thriller movie. The idea of keeping a bomb cool in an ice cream truck is really an odd thing to base a movie on, but I was surprised to find it did work. Not a bad little movie, with some good acting... The inevitable contrast between the two central character was bound to be an area to keep you interested in the film though... It did work.
March 5, 2010
Type of film that will be lost in time. The film was lucky enough supply in the 90's, because if the 21st century now, this film will only supply limited, perhaps even immediately launched its DVD version! Poor record in Cuba Gooding Jr. career.!!
December 31, 2009
For sure a lowbudget movie but i just loved Cuba and skeet.. Made it one of the funniest and best movies i seen for a long time. I needed the laugh on New Years Eve.. Happy New Year All :)
½ December 18, 2009
It's a decent action film. The only reason I watched it was because Hudson Leick was in it.
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½ October 23, 2009
Another dud starring Cuba Gooding Jr.
½ September 27, 2009
Has some fun scenes, definitely a decent TV watch, but nothing more than that. The villains made this film feel like a B action movie, but I think its intent was to be a little more serious and well acted than that. Anyway decent TV watch, no more, no less!
½ September 27, 2009
I still love Cuba gooding Jr. in anything.
½ September 20, 2009
Carga Mortal, es una buena pelicula de accion, mantiene la espectativa todo el tiempo y tiene unas pequenas partes con muy buenos efectos especiales, trata de una pareja de hombres que debe llevar una bomba a un destino perseguidos por un militar resentido que quiere apoderarse de la bomba para venderla al mejor postor. Tipica pero buena.
September 14, 2009
I will remember this movie because it play on t.v in a important day of my life.
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½ September 11, 2009
Let me start off by saying that "Speed" is one of my all-time favorite movies, and that "Chill Factor's" plot centers a lot around "Speed's" main idea. Luckily for me, a movie taking the formula of a much more successful and original movie hasn't ever bothered me as much as it does most of the movie critics, just as long as it's also a good movie, which "Chill Factor" is.
Tim Mason (Skeet Ulrich) and the driver of a stolen ice cream truck, Arlo (Cuba Gooding Jr.), get tangled up in a plot in which they must keep a chemical weapon from blowing up and killing millions of people. If this chemical weapon that's called 'Elvis' gets up to 50ยบ, it will literally explode instantly. But that's not all, they have a group of madmen that are tracking them down because they want to get a hold of Elvis. The chemical weapon Elvis, not the singer who a lot of people think is still alive and kicking.

Even though "Chill Factor" is a ripoff of one of my favorite movies of all time, I have to admit that it is a very entertaining film. The script, plot, acting, and everything else about this movie is just average, but Cuba Gooding Jr. keeps it from being a dud. Throughout "Chill Factor," he is hilarious and like always, does a great job of acting. The other things that keep "Chill Factor" from being a not so good movie is that it's interesting and somewhat suspenseful at times.

If you liked "Speed," or even if you don't, I recommend at least seeing "Chill Factor." NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2001. Not bad for a "Speed" ripoff.
August 20, 2009
Any movie that combines bio-weapons and ice cream trucks has to be good right? Ah, no. The plot is simply stupid, so there is no real point of going into that. Cuba Gooding Jr. won a Oscar 3 years before, and it is kind of shocking that he was reduced to playing token black characters in such a short time. It doesn't help the fact that he says SHIT a lot and the classic token black character phrase of AW HELL NAW! Skeet Ulrich was a pretty decent supporting actor but he cleary isn't cut out to be leading man material. The action simply isn't that thrilling and the comedic attempts fall horribly flat. It seems ever since Lethal Weapon, Hollywood keeps trying to crank out black/white buddy movies, and the 90s were chock full of them. It's a small wonder that most of the mine the same territory, and mostly all of them are bad.
July 13, 2009
What ever happened to Skeet Ulrich? I can't believe he wasn't huge after this movie.
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