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½ March 10, 2010
This movie deceptively says that Bruce Campbell is in it. And he is not. Though many other people are interviewed. But let's get to the real review.

A good portion of my job is trade shows, which is why I travel a bit. This movie is about a trade show, but the kind I don't work. It is full of characters. This movie is put together by amateurs who lucked out with all-access. In that all access, they insult the attendees, don't prep any interviewees and dote on people I'm not sure why they do. After 20 minutes, I didn't want to watch it anymore. But I let it play while I did other stuff. And it got better in a weird way.

Eventually, the interviewer got to the chaplain from MASH. What the hell was he doing there and why were they interviewing him? Then, it became an odd story of people who are just hanging on to anything that gave them a taste of fame and those that are just hanging around with nothing better to do than to get invited to things like this. If only it was put together by people who knew what they were doing. C'mon, Tom Savini should have been your climax. There was nothing better and you should have tried to get better time from him away from his booth. Plus, prep people so they know it is a home video that will be seen 2 years later so that they don't plug their appearance that weekend at some other show.
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