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November 20, 2015
The title may suggest some other genre, but don't be fooled -- this is a spaghetti western. Director Monte Hellman returns to the West (via Spain and Italy) and works with grizzled Warren Oates yet again, crafting a well-photographed tale of guns and a love triangle. The locations are pretty and co-star Jenny Agutter is even prettier, but the story is just too simple to sustain much tension. A handsome, sharp-shooting wanderer is hired to take out Oates, but has second thoughts after befriending him and his wife Agutter (who is abundantly naked throughout the film, thank you very much). Which man will she choose? Alas, sheer intelligibility is a substantial problem -- star Fabio Testi is a mumbler with a heavy Italian accent and, even worse, the overstressed musical score often drowns out the dialogue. A shame. The legendary Sam Peckinpah pops up in one scene, portraying a crafty writer out to wring some folklore out of Testi's life.
½ September 26, 2015
Typically offbeat western from director Monte Hellman about condemned man Fabio Testi being given a reprieve if he kills Warren Oates who's holding up the progress of railroad barons. Jenny Agutter plays Oats beautiful young wife who then falls to Testi, creating a "Postman Always Rings Twice" type of situation leading to murder, revenge and good old fashioned cowboy, or at least Italian Spaghetti Westernized, action. However, this film moves at a trudging pace, much like Hellman's other offbeat westerns, and like his other westerns suffers for it. On the plus side, you do get Sam Peckinpah as a wild west dime novelist in one scene, which is mildly entertaining. Overall, despite it's painfully slow pace, this western is handsomely filmed by Hellman and anything with Warren Oats is worth watching in my book.
September 20, 2015
Tacky, simple and mostly pointless.
September 10, 2015
don't know why they keep losing my reviews!!! #3 4 this 1
July 23, 2015
120115: Warren Oates & a good looking unknown, at least to me; Jennifer Agutter; star in this neat little spaghetti western. I absolutely love the sound of these Italian westerns, both the effects; which make it seem like the mics are attached to the characters feet; and the music. An unbelievably classic line is used in this film; "As long as I have a face, you have..." as well as an equally, unbelievably bad cowboy hat; worn by Oates' nemesis, Clayton. Enjoyed this one.
½ April 9, 2012
Crossroads between towns of China and Liberty are not the only crossroads encountered in this one. Condemned man is released from the gallows with orders to kill a gunfighter battling the railroad. Maybe a bit of an underachievement for Director Monte Hellman.
August 8, 2011
The western filtered though the spaghetti-western, but all that's left is the cheese. I don't see many westerns so I must ask, are they all this troublingly and pervasively misogynistic? Besides its ideological problems it's also burdened with a terrible score and murky sound that does not help a bit in trying to decipher what Italian actor Testi is trying to say. This is my first Monte Hellman film. Please, tell me this isn't a better example of his work?
½ December 25, 2010
"A man's life for a moment's weakness. It doesn't seem like a fair exchange." Though it may have just about the most passionless kiss I've ever seen on film, this spaghetti western/romance is solid. Warren Oats and Fabio Testi are both good as two desperate men, both in love with the same beautiful young woman. Jenny Agutter sure didn't have a problem taking off her clothes back in the day (though I gather most versions of this film are heavily edited). I'm always fascinated by the Italians' ability to track down the most mythically hideous people possible to be extras and bit players in their films, too. And there's a great cameo from notorious director Sam Peckinpah that's almost worth the price of admission by itself. Worth tracking down for fans of the genre. I hope one day they put out a nice, widescreen, unedited version of this on DVD or whatever format.
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