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November 26, 2013
A decent documentary that immerses you into china boxing world with a simple narrative
Super Reviewer
June 12, 2013
Interesting although there have been more interesting topics explored by film makers on the modern China and quite frankly, there are more interesting boxing stories to potentially focus on. Nonetheless, it presents a look into the development of athletes within China and the key decisions that are forced to make.
½ May 21, 2013
Excellent documentary filmmaker who covers the reality of today's China with a real touch of grace.
½ July 11, 2012
Another riveting documentary on that country's ever-changing economic landscape-this time through the lens of sports.
July 3, 2012
???人??起? Go, boxer from the farm land!!
May 14, 2012
I agree with the Globe and Mail Critic, the Torontoist blog and all those who've given this superior example of Chinese verite documentary making their highest star ratings. Its emotional, vital, vicarious and real.
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