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July 1, 2012
Sexy, sadistic torture movie.
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June 25, 2012
Wacky Cat III ultra-violent sleazy perversity. You can expect gratuitous sadistic violence. Gratuitous perverse sexuality. And Gratuitous sadistic perverse sexual violence. At the heart their is a fairly effective, albeit painstakingly cheesy love story. And an exterior of completely devoid of any modicum of taste humour. While I applaud this movie for its complete lack of regard for classification or audience, it is a jarring experience which leaves the viewer unsure of how they sould be reacting to everything thats going on. I think the point is to just take it for what it is, and decide for yourself whether your disgusted or enjoying yourself. I for one definently did enjoy myself, which raises the question of whether I really am just a sick weirdo Whatever. I would only recommend this for the morally flexible. If you find yourself taking offence to things a lot of the time you would do well to avoid this, and any other Cat III film.
½ April 5, 2010
This is a strange one. Its part shock, part comedy, part sexploitation, part drama, and two parts Hong Kong mayhem. Together all six parts combine to form the battle robot known as Chinese Torture Chamber Story.

It goes like this. The protagonist, Little Cabbage, is plucked from her father's farm to become the maid of a wealthy scholar named Yang. Yang soon becomes quite fond of Little Cabbage and even goes so far as to say that he will make her his concubine. This, combined with the fact that Little Cabbage knows about her adulterous affair, infuriates the scholar's wife who marries Little Cabbage to Got while Yang is away. Yang returns and takes out his rage on his wife but it is too late. Got was chosen to be Little Cabbage's husband because of his gargantuan wedding tackle. It was thought that Little Cabbage would die on their wedding night but the story doesn't quite work out that way. From there it turns into a plot to frame Yang for the murder of Got who "stole" Little Cabbage away from him. When the framing plot succeeds it takes everything Yang's sister can do to convince the supreme judge to help out her brother who is scheduled for execution.

Overall I'd say this movie is more wacky than erotic. It features a husband vs. wife flying forest gods love/fight scene that has to be seen to be believed. If there was a top 10 list of obscure / insane movie scenes, that scene would be on the list. It also has a scene which uses an instrumental version of Unchained Melody at an "awkward" time. Bobby Hatfield is spinning in his grave.

If you're in the mood for a movie and you have no idea what to watch. You could do worse than this.
October 27, 2009
man there are tons of movies that i wanna see it
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½ September 19, 2009
comments added later.
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½ July 17, 2009
Invincible wheel! Silly, pointless shock film with oodles and oodles of softcore sex. Worth it for the much discussed Forest Gods sex scene.
March 31, 2009
Classic. The treetop/mid-air kungfu sex couple is an inimitable Wong Jing brilliance. They sure don't make CAT III like they used to.
½ January 5, 2009
Very sexy, violent and nudity. Having sex while doing kung fu, very funny. Most of the film is more humorous than anything else. A softcore martial arts film. I wish I did watch this film speaking in Chinese rather than in English.
January 4, 2009
was the torture historically true or edited??
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½ October 15, 2008
Aside from the wuxia couple, this is quite forgettable. An interesting showcase of wacky torture methods, but the melodrama soap opera plot doesn't help a lot. By the fifth time of seeing the lead girl getting beated and crying i was already bored out of my mind. Add all the lame penis jokes you can think, Wong Jing's number one trademark, and you have this.

Watch Ebola Syndrome if your looking for real never-ending sexist fun.
August 12, 2008
Yeah....I don't know. This is sort of a mix-bag. This was my first "Category III" film. I found some of the gags and the "Ghost" parody funny (and I don't mean the invisible man that was mistaken for a ghost...). Torture scenes, not so much (perhaps because they were just too "cheese"). I probably would have found it difficult to sit through the entire film if not for the gratuitous nudity....
½ May 25, 2008
A kind of WTFOMG movie, crazy chinese sex together with insane amount of pain and weird stuff.
May 19, 2008
Although the cover is deceptive - this is more ridiculous sex comedy than hardcore gore film - this is a seriously entertaining slice of Category III nonsense with a few sequences that you've probably never seen before. Something close to genius...
½ May 12, 2008
Crazy movie filled with sex, blood, torture, cum, beauitful, naked, Chinese babes and bunch of other unpc stuff. But, it is really, really funny as well. I totally recomend this soft-core explotation film to all open-minded fans of crazy Asian cinema!
May 6, 2008
sex, blood, torture, fun..UNNATURAL
May 6, 2008
Amazing movie. There is torture, blood, sex, kung fu, comedy and some really weird stuff going on. Highly recomended!!
½ March 25, 2008
Very bad, but with some very memorable scenes. Exploding dicks anyone?
½ February 8, 2008
Movie as a whole: 1 star.

Crouching Tiger meets soft porn fight/copulation sequence set in the treetops: 5 stars.

Average of the above for overall rating: 2 and 1/2 stars.
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