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December 10, 2016
I loved this movie. Very touching. I cried almost all the way though it ~
December 10, 2016
this was SO GOOD. i LOVED it!
April 14, 2014
This is a great family Christmas film its about a woman named Ashley who hates Christmas because she was raised in foster care and has a hard time trusting people and her only friend is Nick and he is a secret Santa he lives in a run down apartment and at every Christmas he will go to the local authorities to see who needs to be helped and he helps them. He gave Ashley dog one Christmas because she was lonely. When Ashley looses his job he employs her and she meets a man and when Nick dies they continue to be the secrete Santa's and Ashley is no longer alone and Christmas became her favourite holiday
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December 6, 2013
This would've been better with a different lead actress - she was terrible! However, I enjoyed the premise of the story.
½ December 9, 2012
The acting is very disappointing.
December 6, 2012
This was an adorable Christmas movie with a weak plot. It wasn't the best movie around, but it was easy entertainment to enjoy during the holidays.
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