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½ July 30, 2017
The dumbest Christmas movie I have ever seen. The plot makes no sense and borrows parts of Christmas stories from the birth of Jesus, but then adds a "devil" named Cragg or something like that. They sing a really weird and creepy song called santa's sak- it makes me cringe. The cast is star studded, but the story is confusing and weird. We never know for example, why the girl has a cane. It's weird. I wish Netflix would remove it so I don't have to see it ever again.
January 13, 2013
It wasn't your norm and sure had some unexpected negativity but my 4 year old loved it and I enjoyed watching it with her!
December 5, 2010
luv how it's about santa & Jesus<3
November 28, 2010
I thought this was pretty lame. There were a few funny lines from the polar bear, but mostly a very average movie. It is nowhere near the other Christmas classics.
November 15, 2010
Narrated by Jay Leno, this musical with animation like a Christmas card about the theft of Santa's sack is a guaranteed day brightener.
½ December 25, 2008
Inspired by the style of yuletide animated movies of old, this tale of an orphan girl and her quest to help find Santa's missing sack is sufficiently delightful and whimsical, but sadly lacks the festive magic that is inherent in its predecessors. Voiced by great names such Kathy Bates, Shirley Jones and Andy Griffiths, and lead by funnyman Jay Leno, this is one Christmas tale that will entertain for the season but will never be one of the classics. Full points must be awarded for the ingenious way in which the story weaved religious symbolism with a secular one. Kids only.
December 14, 2008
ehh. . . . no thanks
December 4, 2008
Good children's Christmas flick. Good cast, with good adult humor.
November 3, 2008
First off, I'm a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh. It's truly been a long time since a good, new animated christmas movie has come out that has the ability to stand up to the classics from the past (Rudolf, Frosty, Grinch, etc). However, I really believe that Robert Zappia's new independent animated christmas film "Christmas is Here Again" delivers and finally is giving our generation a Christmas movie we'll watch for years to come. With voice acting by Jay Leno, Ed Asner, Norm MacDonald, Madison Davenport, Andy Griffith, Kathy Bates, and more, the movie plays almost flawlessly. The musical numbers are very catchy (I think the soundtrack will do well too). The story is great, and, for the first time in a long time, fuses together commercial Christmas (Santa, elves, etc) with traditional christmas (baby Jesus). It is a very wholesome, yet hilarious, animated movie that I think will blow up next year. Perfect for families, parents and kids, and is nostalgic enough for everyone else to make it well worthwhile! Pick it up before it takes off!
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