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Critic Consensus: Ironically, for a biopic about a voyage many associate with people accepting that the world is round, Christopher Columbus: The Discovery falls completely flat.

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John Glen directed this throwback to the costume dramas of the 1930s and 1940s, but without a smidgen of their energy and verve. George Corraface plays Christopher Columbus as a dynamic and muscular comic-book hero. He has a dream to set sail to find a new passageway to India, but he needs the backing of the Spanish government to do it. First, he must undergo a grilling by Tomas de Torquemada (Marlon Brando in, hands down, his worst performance). After passing muster with Torquemada, he gets the blessing of Queen Isabella (Rachel Ward) and King Ferdinand (Tom Selleck). Columbus then sets sail in a series of picture-postcard travelogue shots as he sails the ocean blue and discovers a new world of wonders -- particularly the Indian chief's well-endowed daughter. As a sop to revisionists, a rat is seen scampering down the plank as Columbus' vessel lands on "undiscovered" turf.


Marlon Brando
as Torquemada
Tom Selleck
as King Ferdinand
Georges Corraface
as Christopher Columbus
Rachel Ward
as Queen Isabella
Manuel de Blas
as Vicente Pinzon
Glyn Grain
as De La Cosa
Peter Guinness
as Fra Perez
Hugo Blick
as De Torres
Chris Hunter
as Morales
Michael Gothard
as Inquisitor's Spy
Clive Arrindell
as Lord Guarco
Mark Long
as Joseph
Nicholas Selby
as Monsignor Camos
John Grillo
as Chios Mapmaker
Serge Malik
as Alcalde of Malaga
Joseph Long
as 1st Alguazil
Branscombe Richmond
as Indian Chieftain
Anthony Sarda
as Indian Brave
Gerard Langlais
as Indian Guide
Michael Halphie
as Chios Vendor
Genevieve Allenbury
as Harana's Wife
Michael Gunn
as Prison Officer
Vincent Pickering
as Healthy Prisoner
Trevor Sellers
as First Mate of Pinta
Caleb Lloyd
as Diego (Age 8)
Andrew Dicks
as Diego (Age 11)
Georgi Fisher
as Fernando
Steven Fletcher
as Rodrigo de Triana
Ivan De Bono
as Sailor in Tavern
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Critic Reviews for Christopher Columbus: The Discovery

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It's not politically correct. It's also not cinematically correct, humanly correct or historically correct.

Full Review… | May 3, 2014
Los Angeles Times
Top Critic

Released in 1,492 theaters on Friday, Christopher Columbus: The Discovery should be gone from most of them faster than you can hoist the mainsails and shiver your timbers.

Full Review… | May 3, 2014
Philadelphia Inquirer
Top Critic

Cast in the title role is George Corraface, whose credits include Not Without My Daughter and Impromptu. Does he overact? Let's just say that I think I heard him frown.

Full Review… | May 3, 2014
Orlando Sentinel
Top Critic

The film benefits greatly from the use of three totally authentic ship replicas, but the real thing -- as presented in the PBS series about Columbus -- is still much more inspiring.

Full Review… | May 3, 2014
Seattle Times
Top Critic

George Corraface would look more comfortable in a Calvin Klein underwear ad than at the helm of a ship.

Full Review… | May 3, 2014
Chicago Tribune
Top Critic

Christopher Columbus: The Discovery lacks even the misplaced energy of a camp folly. It's limp and exhausted -- a bloodless swashbuckler.

Full Review… | September 7, 2011
Entertainment Weekly
Top Critic

Audience Reviews for Christopher Columbus: The Discovery

★ (out of four) It pains me to give such a bad review to any film that features who is probably my all-time favprite actor, Marlon Brando. Nevertheless, this is his worst performance in his worst movie, and there is no way of getting away from it. Christopher Columbis is blandly played this time around by George Corraface. He is seeking his opportunity to explore new worlds. He must, however, get permission from Tomas de Torquemada, played by Brando. The script is a bore and jumps around with no thought or reason. It's too bad since the screenplay was written by Mario Puzo. I guess everyone was having a bad year when they made this. [IMG][/IMG]

Steve Smith
Steve Smith

Awful film. The acting is bad, the screenplay is bad, the directing is bad, and the film is just plain boring. Sad that this was one of the Salkinds' last projects.

prkprk prkprk
prkprk prkprk

[img][/img] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]Christopher Columbus is a determined man who wants to prove “the world is round.” He also wants to find a shortcut to the West Indies. Columbus decides to try to sail around the world to the West Indies; however, due to fighting amongst the crew and finding an unknown continent, Columbus’ plans are both a failure and a success. Overall, he may discover that love is more important than prestige.[/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]“I would rather take a willing coward than an unwilling criminal.”[/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]John Glen, director of Octopussy, For Your Eyes Only, License to Kill, and Iron Eagle III, delivers Christopher Columbus: The Discovery. Glen’s depiction of Christopher Columbus was cheesy and the part should have been played by Kevin Sorbo. Nevertheless, Glen somehow attracted top level talent for this film. The cast includes Marlon Brando, Benecio Del Toro, Tom Selleck, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Robert Davi.[/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]“Perhaps you shall never return and I’ll be empty inside forever…”[/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]Christopher Columbus: The Discovery is a god awful picture…I mean bad. The best part of the entire movie is the topless Indians (yes, the cast is primarily made-up of hot Indian women). Glen does try on several occasions to make use of Brando in order to give this film credibility…he utterly fails. I do not recommend this picture…even to the beloved fans of Del Toro or Brando (like myself).[/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]“It was always my wish to die at sea."[/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000][/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]Grade: D-[/color][/size][/font]

Kevin Robbins
Kevin Robbins

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