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September 19, 2012
i love this film. i wish the series didn't end that way.
April 30, 2009
I don't know that I would like this since it's not the original.
April 1, 2009
It was all right but I really didn't even like the book that much, cause I think she ended up with the wrong guy.
½ March 13, 2009
i love this movie it is mysteriopuse
February 16, 2009
A good message to the soul.
½ January 10, 2009
Not nearly as good as the series though
½ October 4, 2008
Had to have the whole season Great stories
September 28, 2008
I can't find the one from 1994 to rate on here. I enjoyed the first one and did not know there was al ater one.
July 18, 2008
It was a nice story, but I missed Kellie Martin too much. The new girl isn't terrible, but she's just not how I picture Christy at all.
May 11, 2008
Great book, great series, wonderful!
April 24, 2008
I enjoyed the Christy series. I wish Kellie Martin would have finished the series.
½ April 20, 2008
I absolutely love watching ‚??Christy.‚?? I have read the book by Catherine Marshall and I have all the TV episodes in my collection on DVD. I also have the movie ‚??Christy,‚?? which showed where the TV series left off. I agree with many that the actress who portrayed Christy Huddleston in the movie will never replace Kelly Martin. This woman looked similar to Kelly, but is not the same. I‚??m glad they brought the original Dr. McNeil. The actor who portrayed the reverend did a decent job, but was not as handsome as the original actor who portrayed the reverend. The woman who portrayed Miss Alice did a good job, but Tyne Daley is the only one who can play Miss Alice. She played her in a way that made her character fun to watch. Overall even with different actors portraying the characters, the movie was decent, but the movie didn‚??t seem to have a true ending. It‚??s like they ended it, but at the same time the viewer was left wanting more. We still never quite found out who Christy married. We know she had a daughter. Did she pick the handsome and charming reverend or did she pick the strong and outspoken doctor, or did she decide to go in a different direction altogether and pick someone else? I think Christy mentions whom she married in the book, but I can‚??t remember. In conclusion I wish there were more TV series like ‚??Christy‚?? out today, as it‚??s a show that all should watch no matter how old one happens to be. I learned a lot from watching Christy come to Cutter Gap, and seeing how the poor families lived in the back hills of TNN lived.
March 22, 2008
Wanna see soooo bad!!!! I love the Christy series and the book and I just so want to see the movie!
½ March 21, 2008
This movie is ok. Nothing that spectacular though.
March 6, 2008
...not as good as the original series with Kelly Martin, but ok since it ties up the loose ends from the original.
½ March 4, 2008
I soo love these movies
February 24, 2008
LOVE this movie so much it's just AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
½ January 2, 2008
This I a really good movie
December 18, 2007
I really like the Christy movies because it deals with being on a mission field.
December 5, 2007
i love this film. i wish the series didn't end that way.
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