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September 27, 2017
OH I really want to see this!!!
½ September 8, 2015
A melhor razão para vê-lo é Kristin Scott Thomas, absolutamente convincente como o frágil, mulher sociedade obcecada-status cuja extravagância não pode mascarar seu desespero, mas o diretor Martha Fiennes não consegue amarrar os demais muitos fios juntos. Ele se arrasta demasiado uma argumentação fragil demasiado lentamente para realmente encantar.
½ July 14, 2014
Long and cliched. But some good bits and THE cast.
½ December 29, 2012
Cast was perfect. Music and cinematography at really decent level. A really enjoyable piece of work. Especially Ben Chaplin, Damian Lewis and Penelope Cruz - brilliant work!
½ July 8, 2012
Creative directing and good cinematography. The characters are believable and portrayed beautifully by the strong cast. And the soundtrack is just great. On the other hand I think the movie is too detailed for its run and it lacks a certain spark to make everything make sense! So it's only an alright movie though it had the potential to be a great one.
February 20, 2011
Ralph Fiennes, Ian Holm, Kristin Scott Thomas are involved
August 15, 2010
Poor rich people and their problems.
June 14, 2010
800 ratings on IMDB? Really? only 800 people watched this movie (let's say a 1000), this is kinda weird. Under-rated movie by Ralph Fiennes' sister is pretty good. Since the name of the movie is Chromophobia, anything that had to do with colors was great. I find that 2 hours is a little long for this movie though. Really good actors, not sure to what extent the casting was perfect, because I could see other actors playing those roles except the one played by Rhys Ifans, he totally stole the show. Ralph Fiennes had a very limited character, while I never really liked Penelope Cruz and Damian Lewish, so fuck'em :)
March 7, 2010
A very underrated film.
½ January 16, 2010
A rare boring brittish film. Despite a strong cast the film didn't really go anywhere apart from it's pretty dull conclusion. Shocking that Rhys Ifans is not on the cast list mind.
October 31, 2009
life just happpens...and that's it.
October 14, 2009
Everybody has his/ her dark side.
½ September 27, 2009
Cast was perfect. Music and cinematography at really decent level. A really enjoyable piece of work. Especially Ben Chaplin, Damian Lewis and Penelope Cruz - brilliant work!
August 22, 2009
Really good film. I liked the style of it. The acting was good but one or two charcters were unlikeable
½ July 28, 2009
A real failure.
Uggly cinematography, silly and hardly credible story, awfull actor direction.
This movie has absolutely no interest especially if you like Penelope Cruz because she really makes pity in this movie.
Run away from this uggly timewasting flick.
July 19, 2009
It's weird and it has uncomfortable scenes (as a surgery in details). A movie with a great cast (Ralph Finnes, Kristin Scott Thomas and Penelope Cruz) but I didn't like it. In fact, I liked only the last 10 minutes. Two stars cause the cast only.
July 18, 2009
En casi la primera mitad de la peli no se entienda nada el porque de todo ese rollo... es hasta despues de las 3 1/4 partes donde se empieza a poner interesante y comienza a haber una conexion entre los personajes. Pero hay papeles innecesarios que para mi se podría haber prescindido de ellos, como el de Ralph Fiennes y la Penelope (que a pesar de todo actuaron muy bien) porque sus historias no conectan en un 100% con la principal (la de Kristin y Damian Lewis). Bueno al menos fue entretenida.
½ July 12, 2009
Great attempt to be claimed an arthouse and a wonderful cast that gives truly fantastic performances, but having a great cast doesn't entail a great movie. I love films that are based entirely on the tragedy that each character brings and it's amazing how wonderfully developed each member of the cast is in this film. But I'm not sure it managed to reach somewhere, if it was intending to. It's highly interesting, but was it a drama? A comedy? A melodrama? Had a moral lesson hidden somewhere? Who knows? Because at the end you're still where you began from.
June 20, 2009
Great acting, beautiful photography, nice music, and really interesting direction but something in its plot doesn`t work...
½ May 12, 2009
It's an unpretentious film, but Scott Thomas, Holm and Lewis are great
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