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August 7, 2008
Twohy gives the film a vehement comic-book energy, and the eye-popping production design by Holger Gross is like Boris Vallejo's Greatest Hits come to life.
September 29, 2006
Riddick is a loner, Dottie, a rebel. He's a simple man, like Pee-Wee Herman, who is not concerned with getting the girl. But, unlike Pee-Wee, poor Riddick doesn't even have a bicycle for companionship.
December 6, 2005
It's been a long time since anyone bothered to create a new, big budget cinematic mythos out of scratch, and Twohy has poured a great deal of money into the look of his movie.
January 15, 2005
August 21, 2004
Space opera, a prison breakout, spectral zealots and an anarchist anti-hero - dumb, maybe, but this film has enough in it to make you see the light.
August 7, 2004
July 26, 2004 a proletarian concept artist, David Twohy proves that he has both the imagination and the skill to build exciting worlds for his characters to interact in.
July 3, 2004
I really can't call any of the acting good or bad. It was what it was. Vin Deisel threw around some funny one-liners. Everyone else just kinda hung out.
June 24, 2004
The Chronicles of Riddick may not be a fully intentional success. But it travels in uncharted waters, and it's a garish, nutty, virtuoso entertainment just the same.
June 21, 2004
...a turbo-charged, sci-fi action flick with Vin Diesel in kick *** anti-hero form ...
June 20, 2004
In Pitch Black (Vin Diesel) made Riddick his own; in Chronicles, nothing has changed but the budget.
Top Critic
June 19, 2004
June 18, 2004
Boasting just enough action and wisecracks for summer movie fare, the overall experience is certainly nothing that anyone need bother to write any chronicles about
June 18, 2004
Vin Diesel is perfect as the marquee hero, breathing new life into the muscle-head antihero and looking great in leather chain-links or Necromonger plate-mail
June 16, 2004
A large portion of Dune, side order of crackpot Shakespeare and a dollop of production design by someone who saw The Scarlet Empress at an impressionable age.
June 16, 2004
Ambitious, sprawling, uninhibitedly goofy and almost great, [it's] a love-it or hate-it affair, mainly because it's courageous enough to have a distinct personality.
June 15, 2004
Although the story is a little confusing, science fiction fans should enjoy the action and fine special effects.
June 14, 2004
A virtuoso exercise in world creation, a plot-heavy epic that's like a breath of fresh air in a time when movie stars and high concepts pass for science-fiction.
June 13, 2004
Impressionnant par moments, enuyeux à d'autres.
June 13, 2004
Bloated-but- enjoyable production.
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