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May 4, 2012
There's little reason to see the claustrophobic "Chronicling a Crisis" unless you have a fascination with the Kolleks.
May 3, 2012
We are left with a naked portrait of successful self-analysis, of a man reaching backward for the strength to move forward.
May 3, 2012
The final scene from "Sue," Kollek's best film, has troubled me for 15 years. There are images here that come close to matching that movie's haunting tragedy.
May 1, 2012
At once downbeat and claustrophobic, it's also often grueling to watch.
May 5, 2012
Unflinchingly honest and emotionally devastating.
May 2, 2012
Indie director Amos Kollek's hall-of-mirrors movie capturing his frustration at his inability to make another film is as self-referential and limited as you would expect, though refreshingly honest for all its solipsism.
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