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½ January 22, 2008
Entertaining documentary about the history of rock 'n roll
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½ January 3, 2008
Great true-to-life documentary about Chuck Berry's concert life and his 60th birthday St Louis celebration. I'm slightly annoyed by his unpolished guitar talents but his songs have withstood the test of time - a mark of influential songwriting.
Clapton, Richards, Lennon and the other celebrity interviews are funny - the performing guests even tease 60-year-old Chuck and his half-assed attitude.
In the film, Berry plays terribly over dozens of tracks while his celebrity-studded backup band carries him through. I admire his songwriting skills, but I'd rather listen through the performances with Berry's guitar backline muted.
½ October 20, 2007
Chuck shows Keith how he's playing the intro to Carol wrong. Priceless.
October 18, 2007
Strange to admit, but the very Father of modern Rock'n'Roll would be lost without his soul-son, Keith Richards. Keith does it all. He puts up maybe the best rock'n'roll band ever: Spampinato on bass and Jordan on drums are simply incredible. Johhny Johnson and Bobby Keys make the rest. Excellent guest stars and a supreme set. And then Chuck gives his best. Saint Louise goes crazy for an amazing concert to celebrate the 60th birthday of His Majesty, Chuck Berry! Don't dare miss it...
½ September 22, 2007
A must See...tha true king of rock n roll ..not elvis..naaaaaa...CHUCK BERRY....sein him play with keith richards & fighting with him...its simply a MUST SEE...
½ September 19, 2007
My favorite live music film.
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September 2, 2007
The highlights are definitely the concert scenes; guest spots from Keith Richards, Julian Lennon and Clapton make for a surreal but fun show. Everything else is interesting and shot well but Chuck doesn't seem to want anyone to get past the surface.
½ August 18, 2007
Great Rock and Roll Documentary. Keith Richards and Chuck Berry at their best.
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