The Chumscrubber Reviews

June 8, 2007
It's a surreal, offbeat comedy where the kidnappers are hopelessly inept while Bell feels hopelessly at sea.
June 7, 2007
Much like its characters: decorative, entertaining and emotionally empty.
May 26, 2007
Posin aims for are out of his reach and he's left to scrabble desperately for a story to plug in the gaps.
November 10, 2005
An impassioned and occasionally mesmerizing first effort that's at once messier, more complex and more ambitious than many recent suburban dystopias.
September 26, 2005
The story of the film: Studio money chasing after the cult-film audience and getting all the superficial elements right while missing the spirit entirely. It's the cinematic equivalent of Candlebox.
September 9, 2005
An appallingly clumsy and stupid take on drugs, kidnapping and suicide in suburbia.
August 9, 2005
August 8, 2005
There are some very good performances and some strong writing.
August 5, 2005
It's neither funny nor sad, and it's filled with cheats, phony come-ons and red herrings.
August 4, 2005
Exploring suburban malaise is nothing new ... but The Chumscrubber puts a fresh coat on the arguments.
August 4, 2005
An insufferable, self-conscious cult movie.