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July 11, 2010
The movie will wash over adolescent female audiences who don't know any better like melted Brie on 110-degree asphalt, but for the rest of us it's a grueling waste of time.
April 29, 2009
Duff has yet another brainless movie to add to her repertoire.
August 7, 2008
June 13, 2008
Charles Perrault must be spinning in his grave.
September 11, 2006
I took a friend's 10-year-old daughter to see the film, and she found it 'too childish.' And who am I to argue with a member of this film's target audience?
December 6, 2005
November 4, 2004
'A Cinderella Story' makes so many good chocies, you wish you could like it more than you do.
October 18, 2004
Rather than anything original or humorous or, heaven forbid, romantic developing from this fable, we get only tired clichs and worn-out stereotypes.
September 16, 2004
A benign, whimsical semblance of its namesake fairy tale.
August 21, 2004
A couple of cruel stepsisters are thrown in to push the Cinderella angle, but their asinine antics merely highlight first-time screenwriter Leigh Dunlap's stunning lack of talent and imagination.
August 19, 2004
This is simple, lazy storytelling rendered merely functional by appealing leads and the eternal lure of romantic fantasy.
August 19, 2004
Every high school clich in the book is dredged up for this piece of fluff
August 16, 2004
August 8, 2004
It's all way too bland.
August 7, 2004
I look at "Cinderella Story" as I would look at early Elvis films - this is a teen movie made for the sheer enjoyment of her fans.
August 3, 2004
The result is pure pumpkin, though fans of squeaky-clean, helium-voiced Hilary Duff might fall under its sickly sweet spell.
July 28, 2004
July 23, 2004
This year's one-zillionth mean-girl movie, and that's not the only thing here that's played out.
July 23, 2004
The only thing missing is the pumpkin that turns into a coach. That's OK, because Duff turns into a turkey way before midnight.
July 21, 2004
Besides adolescent girls who either want to be Hilary Duff or want to slobber over Chad Michael Murray, the story offers nothing new to an already beaten-to-death teen genre.
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