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½ January 22, 2014
A movie with a credible story, but a darn weak a script and screenplay.. Inspiration factor missing by and large
June 18, 2013
I'd rather watch UFC in real live rather than the fighters try and act. No offense Kimbo Slice lol
½ July 2, 2012
One word......wooden!
½ June 23, 2012
too daft but some of the moves are amazin'
June 21, 2012
Based on the cage fighting scene, a retired fighter is tempted back into th ring for one last time. Yawn, yawn, yawn.
½ June 16, 2012
Gets half-a-star for the effort of actually making a movie... not much else going for it though...
½ April 3, 2012
A minor improvement / adjustment to the usual diarrhea they throw together.

Just cuz you see Kimbo on the display front and center, dont think it stars him! He only has 2 scenes and the later is laughably stupid.

Its still the same old smack ( an old favorite fighter is forced to step back into the cage and compete for what he loves ) but this time they got a new guy in the lead role. Hes a much better but still no where near a Mickie Rourke or Sly Stallone.

Of corse they managed to include a heaping helping of overtly foul language and gratuitous sex scenes just for the hell of it.

Again we have an actual fighter playing the main villian, well at least he used to be a fighter. talking about Heath Herring whose gone from the likeable tough guy from the first film, to the hateful beast of a man in ths role.

Oh look they even managed to throw Frank Mir in their so he could get beat up for a few minuets on camera. Way to go Frank, man that was a horribly mediocre and random fight scene. Perfect for this film!

The whole movie is overlayed in this heavy metal / rock music that gives it this trashy vibe and puts you in a dazed trance of scattered thoughts and emotions. Horrible.

Even with the help of Dean Cain ( in a wheel chair no less ) the acting just fails over & over. Can hardly stand to watch and listen to all this hard headed, ego -centric, brawn before brains, im bigger and better than you crap.
½ July 16, 2011
What an awful movie, I thought about listing all the things that were unrealistic about this but then it's easier to list the realistic bits, the trees!
I am a fan of the UFC and, although I don't really like sports movies, I thought this might be interesting, especially as it had Slice and Mir in it, surely that had to mean something, no, these were token appearances completely irrelevant to the film.
The story is as cliche and overused as it could be and the acting was woeful, the fight scenes were as obviously choreographed as swan lake, and the music was terrible. I can see why this does not seem to have been promoted by Dana White and chums, it must be an embarrassment to them.
May 30, 2011
Bad acting..but great fight scenes.
½ January 20, 2011
Oh god, from what i watched that i didn't fast forward through it was a pretty dire movie. i haven't seen anything that wodden since a nice army of greek soldiers left a nice trojan horse outside my house.
½ September 26, 2010
Basically your typical UFC fighting movie,Some of the performances are ok most are bad lol but it's entertaining enough to deem a RENT IT!!!
September 17, 2010
some UFC movie but there?s a guy (other than Dean Cain.. oh what has happened to Superman!?? ;-( )that I think I?ve seen in a movie before & one of the names sound familiar but no idea WHY being I don?t watch Ultimate Fighting Championship. Well the dude w/ the mohawk in it is the one that reminds me of someone or maybe a few spliced together? real name Heath Herring but most of the guys in this I think ARE actually from the UFC in this Heath Played Colin 'the brick' Wahle (wall) he?s been in a few other things but I never saw them. & has a few other movies (3 in pre-production, 1 in Post-production) Well at least I stayed up for it, but its basically like Never Back Down only with bigger more muscular guys not to mention Scary looking D
½ July 28, 2010
Ok. Not the best fight movie but still good.
July 25, 2010
I got to say , as a fib MMA fan, these kind of movies tough me up and provides me, and all the fnas like me, an entertein time.
but as far asthe movie, it really does not articulate something new... of course there are part that difers from what is already done (the sexy greedy boss, the not-so-harmed ex wife) but we all know how it's going to end. however the sex scenes made this a really manly movie... and for a change...we are not going to judge these men for their acting skills.. ther are plenty of attention on the director and the fight scenes.. which were good and well edited.
July 16, 2010
Watchinn this movie & already in the very beginning I get a disappointing feeling welling inside that something is NOT right...Most of the fight choreography seemed to move half speed & it wuz painfully obvious that the fighters and or actors were HOLDING back their punches & submissions to the point where it wuz THAT noticeable? D.Cain did a believable job & H. Herring also did a good job at playing a bad guy. Lots of great fighters in this movie like F. Mir,R.Huerta & K. Slice.The story wuz NOT unique & the action wuz just ok & the direction wuz a bit confusing. Aloha...Shootzden...Ouwwtzzzaahh!
½ July 15, 2010
A cheesy, but somehow extremely enjoyable, rip off of Kickboxer, Roadhouse, Rocky III. Plus its got Ling Bai in one of her hammiest performances to date, but she still brings it by taking her top off and baring her body@ any available opportunity. If you're in the 16-25 demo, you will love it.
½ July 15, 2010
A cheesy, but somehow extremely enjoyable, rip off of Kickboxer, Roadhouse, Rocky III. Plus its got Ling Bai in one of her hammiest performances to date, but she still brings it by taking her top off and baring her body@ any available opportunity. If you're in the 16-25 demo, you will love it.
Super Reviewer
July 3, 2010
I got to say nothing beats watching a bunch of well oiled, well muscled guys beating the crap out of each other. This one is no different with our hero being a retired MMA fighter (Tony Schiena) who has been out of the game for over five years. However, when an unscrupulous promoter finds an oversight in his contract he is forced to make one last fight in order to fulfill his contractual obligations. He decides to take on the current undefeated champ under the coaching tutelage of Brett Favre, but he has to do this in two months time. Dean Cain is our hero's wheelchair bound roommate who got placed there after a sparring match went wrong. Add a little bit of spice in the form of a hot Asian chick (Bai Ling Crank 2 High Voltage) and put in the obligatory sex scene with copious nudity and you've got "Circle ofPain".

Predictable but the fighting scenes were okay and you have a splash of everything starting with the reluctant hero, the deranged bad guy, the eccentric trainer, and the wheelchair-bound sidekick and there is a brief spar with "Kimbo" The Slice as well.
½ June 26, 2010
Fighting scenes was shit, story shit, acting shit...
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