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½ August 17, 2015
ok drama from jules dassin
January 4, 2013
Certainly far from Burton's best but he puts in a solid performance despite the flimsy script.
½ February 24, 2012
This was a sad movie... not gonna lie. It was very thoughtful though...
½ September 11, 2011
If you've always dreamed of seeing Tatum O'Neal make out with Richard Burton, then this is the movie for you!...Watched it because I am reading Tatum O'Neal's first memoir, and she mentions this movie, and I couldn't really believe it actually existed.
October 23, 2010
This is one of my favorite movies!!! Worth seeing again & again! Both RB & TO are fantastic, & who can argue w/the ending where true love lives on even if the relationship never should have been?
½ June 26, 2008
I remember Citytv showing this as its afternoon movie at least once a month when I was a kid and I always watched it. I haven't seen it in years and I'm sure it's much worse than I recall.
Super Reviewer
April 9, 2008
Dassin directed this?! 2nd half is shot well. It's like an illicit TV movie, set in Toronto, with only one cool scene (not the topless scene--sorry, Tatum)
½ October 30, 2007
So cheesy, so Canadian. I love it. Not as bad as it could have been. I think it has to do with the fact that Richard Burton holds his own and elevates the whole thing above what normally turns into garbage.
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