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½ April 19, 2013
Again a movie that I loved that is underrated by some many people! Great casting with Robert De Niro and James Franco as the troubled son.
April 1, 2013
An above average drama that focus's on storytelling and emotion with a great performance from Deniro.
March 18, 2013
En typisk okej rulle.
March 13, 2013
This is a great story about a dysfunctional family. Lots of laughs throughout. One of my favorites.
March 7, 2013
New York City homicide detective "Vincent LaMarca" (Robert De Niro) investigates the murder of a drug pusher -- and the prime suspect is his own drug addicted, estranged son (James Franco). However, he's not the only one who wants his son.

This is one of the best acted movies I've seen. Nearly every actor did a really good job. The only problem is that some of the characters were in it less than they should have been in my opinion.

De Niro and especially Franco have the best performances in this movie. You can actually sense the rift between the two. You can also feel the inner struggle of Franco's character as he battles drug addiction.

The visuals are not that spectacular. The scenes that are actually filmed in NYC don't use the metropolis to its advantage. Another problem is the movie's locations where Franco's character lives isn't as rundown as you'd expect to see.

The script itself is not bad and the movie is well-paced. There isn't much suspense like there should have been. A movie like this should have had more dramatic scenes of the son running from the law.

This is one movie you should consider renting the next time you go to your local rental store. Just about everything makes this movie worth taking a look at.
February 1, 2013
Imagine eating five or six pieces of toast as a meal, wouldn't you be left feeling like, "Is this it?!?" It isn't that there is anything wrong with toast, but piece after piece it wouldn't make for much of a meal in it of itself. In the same way, City by the Sea just didn't leave me satisfied. It wasn't that there was anything blaringly wrong with it, but it never presented any interesting flavors to savor; it just bored me. Things picked up later in the movie, and I did like the poignancy of the ending, but I just didn't think it was worth the wait to get there. The trailer makes it look like an edge of your seat thriller - it is not.
January 19, 2013
All components of this film come together to make a tuly remarkable piece. It is shot expertly in remarkably drab locations providing an excellent look and feel to the film. DeNiro as always does his role justice as the tired old cop with hereditary troubles, including some excellent emotional moments in contrast to his reserved almost detached persona.
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January 18, 2013
Michael Caton-Jones takes the helm for this low-key crime thriller about a veteran cop named Vincent LaMarca who becomes conflicted when he learns that the latest murder suspect he's after happens to be his estranged son Joey LaMarca, a troubled junkie.

Grim, gritty, and a tad grungy, this should be a great movie. It's got nice atmosphere, a decent set up, and a cast that includes Robert De Niro, James Franco, Frances McDormand, William Forsythe, and Eliza Dushku. However, this just kinda falls flat, especially towards the end.

It all starts off decently though, but the film ultimately lacks a strong amount of energy and drive, so the potential for greatness gets squandered, and the film just kinda drifts along without much purpose a lot of the time.

The performances are decent, though, and I like the location shooting, but in the end, this really isn't strong enough to warrant much of a recommendation. It comes close, though.
½ October 31, 2012
One of De Niro's worst films.
October 21, 2012
The acting is good and the story is bittersweet but the production as a whole lacks energy and is only mildly entertaining.
½ October 11, 2012
A very good film, amazing performances by De niro and Franco. Sad but brilliant.
½ August 23, 2012
The movie starts out and I'm thinking, "wow the footage playing is old and and I wondered if I was watching the right thing". Then it goes present day and there's James Franco. I was like damn, he had films besides Spiderman back then? Franco who fails at portraying a druggie looking for a fix and then a serious incident happens making him question his life and choices.
Without giving up to much of a spoiler- Alert.
May 28, 2012
es drama normal nada del otro mundo
May 16, 2012
That this tale of family woe, resembling the stuff of Greek tragedy, actually happened makes the film absolutely devastating on a certain level.
½ April 1, 2012
A boring drama that brings nothing new to the table. Good performances all around, but nothing else really stands out.
March 29, 2012
over all this movie was just mostly boring. the story was just okay but it was slow and didn't really become anything.
March 26, 2012
Good, but not great. The crime-drama aspect is so-so, the family/human-drama interesting, but overdone. Ending is a bit trite.

Robert de Niro is OK and James Franco is surprisingly good. Frances McDormand and Eliza Dushku are solid in their roles, though have little screentime.
½ March 24, 2012
Cliches abound, but the real shine in the movie is the understanding in these characters struggles, and the characterizations brought out by director Michael Caton-Jones and actors Robert De Niro and James Franco. DeNiro's performance is one of his better performances of his long, great career, and Franco's a performer clearly in the De Niro tradition. It's a movie worth seeing, even if it gets overwrought in cliches and the script lags in places (theres a scene where DeNiro's character says "appreciated" around five times).
March 6, 2012
weird movie, that had really no point.
½ February 25, 2012
Wonderful Movie DeNiro was priceless, Dushku is a Knockout as always, and the rest rock also. could have done with a lil more Dushku though
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