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October 23, 2004
February 26, 2019
Whatever statement Lester wanted to make is lost as a result, whether he did predict the decline of schools a moot point.
February 25, 2019
For a film that revels in its own grittiness Class of 1984 really is highly enjoyable and very rewatchable
January 13, 2016
Timothy Van Patten is definitely one of the most charismatic movie villains of all time, the epitome of punk anarchy and chaos...
May 15, 2015
The title suggests an Orwellian nightmare, but this extremely efficient and gleefully alarmist exploitation hit owes less to Big Brother than to 'Blackboard Jungle.'
April 27, 2015
prophetic with his ultra-violent cautionary tale of the youth of that day
April 18, 2015
Director-coscripter Mark Lester films this for maximum cathartic impact, tapping into viewers' thirst for justice and revenge against these disreputable brats as thoroughly as the filmmakers behind such eye-for-an-eye yarns as Death Wish and The Crow.
April 13, 2015
There's no point in decrying the film's risible politics, especially when it's just an enjoyable relic of Reagan-era paranoia and generational hostility.
April 12, 2015
Class of 1984 reminds us once again that outrage often leads with the passage of time to nostalgia. The film is overrated by its cult, but has its charms, which are well represented by this attractive and reverent package
April 9, 2015
[Blu-ray Review] Fans will be immensely pleased with the care and attention that has been brought to this eagerly awaited cult title. Highly recommended.
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